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Exactly. In all reality, he's probably total ass. But there's nobody else I'd rather watch play.
Basically hit a 5 iron fat on a 192 yd par 3, leaving me just short of an enormous sand trap that extended all the way to the green. The pin was set just 4 feet in, with the trap directly between me and the flag. Opened the face of my 58 deg and hit a high flop (a shot that I've struggled with) that landed about a foot from the cup, took one hop and right in. 
I just recently started having a cigar or two during my rounds. What are some of your favorite inexpensive cigars ($7-$15)?
Moorland, at Legends in Myrtle Beach, SC.    Played the blues, walked away with a 92, and was damn proud of it. 
Heidelberg Country Club, Bernville, Pa   Blues 6125 yds 69.5 128   Greens are a nightmare. Like glass. 
Absolutely. I have a friend who argues that Courtney Cox is better looking. NOW. These debates usually end with us not speaking for a few days. 
I'm so glad to see all the Jennifer Aniston pics. Frankly, I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't mention her sooner. There was an entire season of "Friends" when her nipples were hard in nearly every shot. That was a really good year. And "Horrible Bosses" is soft core porn. 
"Always Sunny" and "Workaholics." I'm 33 going on 12. 
I used to think the same about Faldo. But the more I hear him talk about things the more I realize that he actually is a pretty sharp guy. I think his accent kinda makes him sound a little more pompous that he really may be. I find Johnny Miller to be much more arrogant. 
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