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I used to have a bit of a temper. And then two things happened. 1. I finally realized that I am not a professional. I can't compare myself and judge my performance against the pros. I'm going to miss greens. I'm going to chunk one every once in a while. 2. This is the most important. I was fortunate to be playing a round in Dublin, Ireland. It was a typical Irish morning, 45 degrees with 30 mph winds. While hitting my approach onto the 2nd green, I realized that there...
Used PingZings up until a couple years ago and the only reason I switched is because they were custom fit to my grandfather who is much shorter than I am. Great clubs.
I really want Tiger to be "Tiger" again, but it's probably not gonna happen. 
'12 Buick Regal GS 6-speed manual
I'm in Reading, not too far from you. I do a lot of the things mentioned here as far as swinging at home and exercise. I do think that sometimes my tempo kinda gets thrown off at home. Like I rush a bit. I hit the range Friday and hit balls for the first time in about a month. The first 12 or so were just bad. But once I slowed my tempo down a bit and really swung the club (like you I probably hold back a little at home so I son't somehow break anything) I hit them...
I've played with several sets of hand me down Pings since I was about 13, so I'm probably biased. But I would suggest getting a set of G15's or even G20's. The price should be lower now that the G25's are out and they are very forgiving irons. I bought a set of 15's a couple years ago and I absolutely love them. But no matter what you decide to buy, get them fitted. Buying off the rack can end up being a huge waste of money. 
  Stephanie Szostak. The only thing good about "Dinner For Schmucks"
  Brittany Daniel. Her latest role has been as "The Tranny" on "Always Sunny." Still hot. 
The most was 4. But I mixed in 8 bogies to cancel them out lol. My lowest round ever was a 74 with only one birdie on the card. 
I run the sheet metal division of a large commercial/industrial HVAC company with jobs in and around the Philadelphia area. 
New Posts  All Forums: