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there is no off season in georgia
In regards to Demeanor on and off the course. I would say Tiger is a total A$$. He screams obscenities often and acts like a baby on the course often exaggerating injuries to excuse poor play. I am not referring to his US Open win either that was not exaggerated. But I cannot deny that Tiger is one of the best if not the best golfer to ever play the game and that I am so envious of his late 90s early 2000s swing. He seems to be quite professional to the media but has his...
That is true I guess since I don't see a marshall out there often, I forget that its his job and he has to do his job to his best ability.
I have a question regarding a scenario I ran into a few sundays ago when I was playing a round at my club. Me and a friend grabbed a cart and headed out to the course, keep in mind for some reason the course does not feel the need to require tee times, and jumped on the first tee. We quickly caught up to the group in front of us (a threesome of some of our friends). We stayed back for a few holes and flagged down a ranger to ask about the hold up and see if there was...
steve stricker (-3) matt kuchar (-3) tiger woods (-3)
David forged metal doesn't need a spit shine after every shot IMO but yeah i play a private club and a semi private club and both i can get rounds in less than 3 hours quite easily. I just tend to shy away from playing saturdays because they are really busy, i use that as a range day.i will clean them after every round though. 
work on grip and posture to start. check out hogans book the 5 lessons
The face on video looks like you might be struggling with a one piece take away. One drill my pro showed me was to put a ball down then one about an inch behind it and what i take away focus on pushing that ball straight back. It has helped me tremendously when i tend to get "handsy" with my take away. 
Yeah i attribute that to flier lies that cause the ball the go farther than i think. what kind of lie did you have?
I clean when they are dirty. But every shot is a bit much. Probably slows down the pace of play a little bit which is my biggest peeve on the golf course. If I cant play 18 in 3 hours or less I see that as a problem. Play better when I play fast anyways.
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