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I have 12 guys, so I don't think that will work.  Thanks for the effort.
Hey Guys,   I am organizing this years golf trip and it has grown from 6 to 12 players.  In an effort to make to trip more enjoyable I am attempting to arrange it so that everyone gets to play with each other.   I have 12 guys playing four rounds.    Can any help me out.
Thanks for the help.  I hope the other courses are good as well.
We are actually staying in a rented home called the eagles nest from Pine-cone Accommodations.  We have planned to play the following courses.   Day 1 - Tribute Day 2 -  Treetop Resort (Course Not decided)  Day 3 -   Black Lake (2) Day 4 -  The Natural   I have heard nothing but good things about the par 3 course.  However $50 for nine holes seems a bit pricey.  Is it really worth that much money.   Wood43 do know if they offer a replay rate at treetop?
Hello Everyone,   I am planning a trip to Gaylord MI.  I have a group of 12 golfers that have never be to the area before.  Could anyone advise which courses are the best in Gaylord and also which courses are the best at the treetop resort. 
Which of the two courses do you feel is better?  Just judging by the pictures, Brookwood looks really nice. Also when I checked the Grand Blanc website there was no mention of a second course.  
Thanks for the information.  It's just nice to hear what other golfers think before I drive 6 hours and find out its a goat track.
Hey all,   I am looking for some help.  I am planning our annual golf trip to Michigan and I am attempting to find some good courses in the Port Huron and Lapeer areas.  Generally our trip consist of golfing primarily at Fore Lakes Golf Club.  However in the past we have played Rattlerun and Blackwater.  I am thinking of play at Copper Ridge and Sugarbush this year.  If anyone could pass on their thought on CR and SB it would be great.  Also if you could suggest some...
New Posts  All Forums: