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Played in a tournament on Monday at Irondquoit Country Club (nice private club in the Rochester, NY area, sister club to Oak Hill).  Was feeling like crap, and a load of nerves before the round.  Nice weather although the wind started gusting into the 20s and it's a very hilly course with a lot of elevated greens.  Started with two bogeys, then settled down to shoot an 81 (my course handicap was 12) for a net 69!  Got first place net in the flight (was divided based on...
  Hoping someone can take a look at this swing (two years later haha). Need a little check up to start the season!
I've not used a particular word, but I focused a few range sessions on being "patient" with my upper body.  I used to really crank my shoulders around as soon as they hit the backswing and couldn't hit a right to left (or straight) shot to save my life.  Now, when I'm being patient (or "withholding"), I can reliably hit a straighter shot and even hit a draw with the right setup! This, paired with getting the takeaway right (I sucked it way too far inside before) has made...
Yes, stood a couple feet away from her on the 10th hole on sunday (we followed Jiminez for the final round).  Absolute stunner, looked 20 years younger than him, but seemed pretty cool.  He handed her his cigar as he went to the first tee and she took a couple puffs while waiting for him to tee off!
Crap, forgot to remove the red text... can't remove my post and start a new one, can't edit my post... Fail Dave, fail!
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 10 years off and on (last three years seriously) My current handicap index or average score is: 7.3 (official GHIN handicap) My typical ball flight is: a fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  When the fade turns into a hard slice.  Also, never been able to shape the ball right to left (hit the range yesterday though and was actually able to do so).   Just a little backstory on this, I am trying to...
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