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For some, a longer back swing loses your spine angle and gets you out plane. It also introduces sway. These are power leaks.
Black coffee over the first two holes, water mixed with Nuuns and Bacon and Egg toasted sandwich at the turn with an apple or two or any fruit that is in the ice-box when I leave. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
Pair of all terrain running shoes seem to do the trick. My balance has improved too.
He was asked first.
What did everyone do when there weren't cavities around? Play with worse handicaps than they do now?
Played The Vines in Western Australia - Ellenbrook this morning with a 5-ball as it was early. Just under 3.5 hours without rushing. Overtook a four ball in buggies by three holes at the end of the 18th. It was amazing how many times we were on the fairway and greens together. Wish it was like that on a comp round.
Fixed!See what you did there.
Have you thought about half finger bicycle gloves instead of grips?
A bad swing based on poor fundamentals should not have a bearing if you are consistent. If we consistently hit left and know how far left because of fundamentals such as grip, aim etc. we can adapt accordingly. Still a rubbish swing but you know what it's going to do. Why could you hit in the 70s?
In Australia, we have club competition twice or thrice every week. It is when most of us get to play our golf. If I'm playing socially, there usually a stake on it. If you don't follow the rules, that is cheating. I have taken relief with penalty many times to save potential injury or damage. That's what penalties are for.
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