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First of all thanks for all of the suggestions and discussions. I'm not really hung up on Blades. My problem with GI or SGI is that a lot of them have wide soles that are rounded at the bottom of the face and tend to bounce off the turf. I didn't buy the Mizuno's for that reason but noticed that my ball striking got better with them. Every now and then I'll hit the ball first and take a nice divot In front of the ball which feels great. I couldn't do that with the Big...
I definitely do not want to make the game harder. I think I'll stay with what's working and concentrate on the archer not the arrow, Thanks Lou
Right now I'm playing Mizuno JPX 800's. my reasoning is that I can hit my Vokey wedges really well and they are essentially Blades so would the transition be that difficult? I'm also working on hitting fades and draws at the range. I haven't brought it to the course yet. Would Blades help that much with that? Thanks Lou
I played Highland CC in Attleboro
Finally played today. Temp was 46 slight breeze and it looked like it could rain. It was a perfect day on the course. thought it would be busy, but there were only three of us spread out on the course. I came home in a great mood, huge smile and my Wife said "Thank God, I couldn't take any more complaining about not playing" It was an awesome start to the season. .
I demoed a Ping G25 20 degree with the stock R shaft and the Titleist 913 H 19 degree with the Diamana blue R shaft yesterday in NH. (Ya I was hitting into snow). I hit both about the same. The Titleist felt a little head heavy. I was more consistent with the Ping but when I hit the Titleist well the ball just rocketed off the club. Both were very straight.
I feel your pain Tuffluck, Consistency frustrates me as well. One day I hit the driver well the next its the irons. If only I could hit them all well on the same day. Ive been there also, wanting to quit the game after a bad day. Fortunately for me my playing partners are all much better than I am and are very encouraging. I know this is well worn advice, but what they have taught me is to take something positive away from the game each time you play. It could be a shot,...
Heading to Englewood Fla. Any Suggestions. I'm looking for a well maintained track. Some have been iffy in past visits.
+1 for Thistle. Also love the Norman and Dye at Barefoot. Make sure to have Dinner at Greg Normans steak house.
Hi Everyone, I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I have more questions than answers so I'll be lurking for a bit. Can't wait for the snow to melt so I can continue the quest. Thanks Lou
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