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Okay thank you for the advice! I will just wait and check back.
I was just wondering if someone could explain how to show what clubs are in your bag?
It all depends go to a launch monitor because with the RBZ clubs when you adjust the loft you also adjust the face angle. So i would go and try the 3 out first and you can see if that is the right distance for you. Also if you tend to draw or fade a hybrid you can get the 2 or 3 and change them to what fits you best. Making the loft higher should make you draw the ball and lowering the degrees should make you fade it more.
Yes that is true but you can also get the exact same thing it would just have an upcharge. But they are still pretty similar just a little bit different torque and spin but pretty similar.
That is another good shaft. I personally believe that the rip alpha spins a little bit less than the matrix. You said you didn't really want to drop the money but give the diamana ahina a try. I spin the ball to much and play an x flex also and when i do buy a new driver that is what i probably will put in.
did you try the callaway razr fit extreme? I believe that that exact shaft is no upcharge through them. If you are looking for the bigger head go with the 10.5* also because it is already a low spinning driver but the 460 head will give you more forgiveness than the 420cc ( i think) in the 9.5* and 8.5*.
Did you go to Lincoln or SI? Nice all the way from Pacifica to Santa Clara today. I love all the courses around here even the ones that are not always in good shape such as sharp park.
Check http://valueguide.pga.com/ you can see what the trade in value at a golf store would be and you can also see what the last one sold for on ebay.
Shortening makes them more flat. I was recently getting fit for Ping i20's and the rep for Ping said that I should either go std length and red dot (.75* flat) or I could go 1/2 inch short and black dot (std lie). The shortening of the club 1/2 inch changes the lie angle by .75 degrees at least on my pings. It also changes the swingweight.
So we you can have someone cut the clubs down but depending on how much you do have them cut the weight of the club changes. I suggest not cutting clubs really more than 1/2 or at most 1 inch. But since you are just beginning it probably is not a huge deal and you can do that to save money and then buy a pre cut down set if you like the sport.
New Posts  All Forums: