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I believe the Morning Drive is done filming new episodes for 2013 too...The past week or so have been these "Best of" episodes where they are just rehashing old interviews.   They are all probably on vacation for the most part.
That's awesome congrats!!!!  I've seen that commercial a number of times on the Golf Channel about playing with Graeme.   I figured no one ever wins those things.   Have fun and see if you can pick his brain a little bit here and there during your round.
Excellent thanks for the suggestions!
My buddies and I are planning a golf vacation in December...how is Myrtle Beach in the winter?  Has anyone been there during those months?  We are also looking in the Delray Beach area in FL too.
 Thanks for the advice!  I will give it a go when I get out to the range today.
  This seems to be a problem for me.  I read all the grip pressure "feels" (light, firm, etc.), but the club always seems to move in my hand a bit at impact.  Like many have mentioned, a grip pressure scale is very objective.  I started to grip firmer but was experiencing the same problems.  I think I have been firming up my wrists and forearms but leaving my grip loose (even though I thought it was harder).  I have to make a better effort of recognizing my grip pressure...
Yesterday my buddy and I went out around 4:30pm to get in a quick 18.  Unfortunately, there was a high school team out practicing on the front 9 so pace of play was a little slow.  We managed to jump ahead of a group or 2, but we weren't stressing it too much because we knew it would open up on the back 9.  Anyway, we standing on the 9th tee box, my buddy just teed off and I was setting up when a group of 3 (two older ladies and another guy) drove past us (the cart path...
Charles Barkley.... I kid, I kid.  I'd have to say Dufner just because it looks so effortless.  Then again, he makes everything look effortless.
      That's the one!!!  Thanks for sharing...that is similar to the look I give when I hear a "FORE" while playing on a crowded course.
It usually never really bothered me because these guys are professionals.  But yesterday, on one occasion in particular, it swayed my opinion the other way.  It was when Furyk was teeing off and someone yelled as soon (if not before) he made impact.  Furyk flinched and turned around to figure out WTF happen.  The flinch looked like the natural reaction you make when you have no idea what is going on and you momentarily fear for your safety.  Cheer and yelling for your...
New Posts  All Forums: