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I currently have the Diablo Edge Iron Set 5-PW but I want to trade out my 5i for a Diablo Edge 5h. The problem is that it is hard to find the Men's Diablo Edge 5h but very easy to find the women's 5h in the same set. Would it be possible for me to use a Women's 5h club head and reshaft it and regrip it to go along with my current set? Or will the lie and loft angles be off? I really want to keep my set consistent. Thoughts? PS - Oddly enough the 4h and 6h are easy to...
This is the set I bought my father for Christmas (who has played for years but is getting more serious with the game now) and I contacted Dick's for some information on them because I couldn't find anything anywhere. After about 2 weeks of back and forth they finally got back to me. I was very surprised at how strong they were and shocked that the SW is 50* (they should label it a GW).    I hope this helps any beginner players who have this set and like to have...
I was at Dick's today and I saw a 3W Nickent 7DX and I think I liked it. The club had a nice shaft and a shallow face which would in my eyes, promote a higher shot and easier off the rug. Any opinions on this club. I'm looking for a new 3W.
I just got the Diablo Edge Irons 4 - AW this January but I haven't hit them on anything except a simulator. They are a bit on the bulky side but it didn't bother me on the simulator hitting them. I haven't heard anything bad about them and I'm pumped to get them onto a real course as soon as the snow melts. As of right now. I would highly recommend.
I called Dick's and they said they will email me back in 1 to 2 days and try to contact someone about the lofts on the clubs. I know that they are a beginner set but my Dad is a beginner and I would be interested in knowing some info on the clubs.    If anyone has any information on the loft angles I would be interested in having that information. I don't want to pay to have them measured or buy a measuring tool.
Sounds like you've got a good game plan. Glad to see you picked up the XLR set. You won't be disappointed. They were a great starter set for myself and my father and until you feel like you're ready to move on to something better they are a great price for the meantime.    Goodluck and have fun!   I also recommend checking out an online website called TheDanPlan. Very interesting and inspiring.
I haven't tried to chip with a hybrid but I definitely will be playing around with that shot in practice once the snow finally melts.
I would heavily recommend the Walter Hagen XLR set. You get everything you need and it is a very good beginner's set. It comes with...   Driver (10.5*) 3W 3 Hybrid 4 Hybrid 5 Iron 6 Iron 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron PW SW Mallet Putter   Bag Head covers for the Driver, 3W, 3H, and 4H.   They are cavity back and can be bought in steel and graphite shaft.   Best part.... they sell for $199. Affordable!   I had the Walter Hagen MS2 set...
http://www.golfchannel.com/media/golf-channel-academy-tom-lehman-021913-short-game-3-wood/   That kind of shot. It's the ability to be able to take a good putting stroke with a 3W rather than that scary long putting stroke. For me personally, the shorter the stroke the more control I have and less chance for something to go wrong.
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