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I carry a full set (see sig.) but will be trying the "5 club challenge" the next time I play a round
Leave the key in it
Just ordered a bag tag for my son, I'm sure he will love it!  Thanks for bumping this thread!!
For me, it's getting a 6 on a par 3....happens way too often
Go for it, let us know how you made out
I don't think it's just at the range....the course where I play has some wide open fairways, but most of the time I still hit the ball into the woods....one hole in particular has a tree line with a short, stubby tree at the very end....I would have to hit a wicked slice for my ball to land there and guess what....every. damn. time.  my ball lands into that damn tree.  everytime!
For me, it's my wedges because many times I end up "topping" them or get under them too much and the ball will go sky high, but not far at all.  When I do get the perfect hit with them, the ball will end up exactly where I want, but that doesn't happen too often.
Cart fee for sure....at least around here
Play guitar/bass/drums....used to play in a few bands but don't anymore Motorcycles Home Improvement
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