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That's still absolutely possible because of the great unknown in the game...mother nature.
Golf is a sport that has all sorts of funny breaks and bounces so be prepared for them. You could hit a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway and because it hits a sprinkler head it kicks into the rough or water. Just keep working and eventually the breaks will even out.
I always messed around with hitting a driver, last year was the first year I consistently had a driver in my bag since I took up the game 15+ years ago. I went and got fitted for new clubs and was told the driver I had in the bag at the time (Ping G15) had a shaft length of 47" which while I may crush a drive every now and then would not let me consistently hit the fairway. I now have a RBZ 44" driver in the bag and love it. I also took out my 3-wood all together and...
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