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I live very close to the ocean (the North Atlantic at that) and that makes for typically windy conditions. I also tend to hit the ball very high which naturally makes things pretty difficult for me in terms of controlling direction. I'm now trying to alter my game to hit the ball on a lower trajectory and I'm looking for any tips or articles you guys can give.
This just summed up my thoughts on the subject perfectly. Common sense and courtesy, they should make these available in pro shops around the country
Thanks guys... The thread you linked to was fantastic. After reading through it, I don't think it's going to be a club I'm interested in buying.
I thought the same thing about Monty. I always thought he was boring, and would rather turn the TV off when he was in contention as he just seemed lifeless. But at the Skins game he was an absolute laugh. I've got a newfound appreciation of him now.
Has anyone hit this club yet? Just wondering if it's a radical switch to go to these new square headed drivers?
I don't have a problem with him smoking on the course, but do it subtlely not walking down the middle of the fairway with millions viewing. Duck out of sight from the cameras if you're going to light up. I thought that was a bit on the classless side to be perfectly honest.
Is there a copy of this piece online anywhere? My putting's brutal and I'm willing to try anything at the moment...
I'd settle for knowing if the rumors are true about whether or not Tiger can actually put up 300 lbs. on the bench...lol.
That's a great piece of info from Titleist...thanks for sharing that. That'll be a fun one to break out around the clubhouse.
Haven't even heard of the Gauge Design, but if they're anything like you describe I'll be looking to purchase. Now I just need to hear another couple of people proclaim how great they are, and then I'm all in.
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