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Guys after many years of service I will be departing the Marine Corps. I'm heading to Jacksonville NC to separate and will have about 20-30 days off vacation time before I go on to my next career. I would love it if some of you give me suggestions. I'm looking at hitting at 15-20 course. After I get your suggestion I will then make up a travel pancake to set me self up. Thanks in advance K-cho
Gents any other ways you know of. I'm in Okinawa Japan and AFN (Armed Forces Network) is going to only show Sunday's final.
I just bought an SC Heavy Fastback from eBay. It Was custom made for seller with Winn xtra large grip. It 35.5long. Now I'm thinking of having it cut to 34. Should I go to my local pro shop and have it done fore $4 or send to Scotty for complete renovations, asking you opnions
Hitting a 52 off a par 3 during a night tourney I chunk it so badly the sucker flew only 10 yard. I turned to my team mates and said" SEE THE REASON I DID THAT... The guys busted out in so much laughter and carrying on that it became the theme of the night...
IMO, I know no asked but I'm saying anyway. He is going to win the Masters and the and probably the Open. If this happens he is going to shock everyone in the tour. Hello intimidation factor and a possible third Major
Hello everyone I am a U.S. Marine serving in Okinawa. I've been golfing for two years now and love it. Can't wait for retirement so I can play ALL DAY LONG!!!
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