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Reggie Bush in Honolulu Blue for the next 4 yrs.  Whoo hoo, first back since Sanders to have a 1,000 yd season back to back.  A solid running game might let Detroit become more balanced.
I read about this, CRAZY.  Sinkholes are starting to be a little more of an occurrence than I ever remember.  Might be more media coverage too, but still makes you watch your step.
Crusher47, I can relate on the range, but I think most of my inconsistency comes from the lack of real grass ranges in my area.  Hitting off of the mats makes me change my already bad mechanics to make the strike feel right.   I agree with Casey on the mental part of the 3's.  I know for me it is an amped up problem.  I feel extra confident with my short irons and think I'm going to hole it on every par 3 (stupid thoughts I know).  A trick that has worked for me in...
  To be 100% honest I'm not sure.   I thought maybe if there was a "normal" set-up and I was still having the problems I could disect my mechanics more directly.  I'm not so naive to the fact that my mechanics are a work in progress and my biggest downfall, but I thought maybe a change in ball position would be a simple fix and could point to the bigger problems.
I have always understood the concept of hitting down with irons, but my session at the range a couple of days ago I paid attention to everything a little bit more.  I realized that I am probably playing the ball too forward in my stance...lots of low line drives and topping.  I have seen tips about forward and behind center at about 6" for various clubs, is there a range of what clubs to play forward, center, and back of stance?
    I'm looking forward to the rivalry between Hoke and Meyer once they both get their systems up and running.  I think it will be good for "The Game".  I'll leave it at that since this is the March Madness thread.
Oh, Jspangler.  You and I are going to have fun come November with you being an Ohio fan and all.  Grew up in MI so naturally I'm a UM fan.  You won't get any smack from me on the hardwoods though, even though UM is doing well I'm still not a big bball fan.  Good luck in the B1G tourney though.
I'm a B1G guy.  Anyone else believe Cowherd when he says all teams except IU will be out within 2 or 3 games?
This subject is where I don't mind my wife searching for the discount racks at department stores.  Not sure how she does it, but I haven't paid over 15 bucks for golf shorts or shirts.  
Welcome saturday.
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