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The course where I work is close to the Eastern time zone so the time on phones is usually an hour off. I've seen people skip the last few holes of their rounds or start playing speed golf because they thought they were late for something. Helps with pace of play.
I'm not surprised we lost because I thought the Europeans were better, and especially in this format. I was surprised at some of the lapses we had.   No way to know but I can't help but wonder if grumbling in the locker room by senior members didn't contribute. Sounds far fetched as I type it but I've seen it happen before in team sports.   Whatever it is the players know (or should know) and maybe will learn some lessons for next time.
It will take a tenth off of your 40 time.
Well at least I have this in my favor.   I had a Mickey Mouse watch when I was about 6 years old but haven't had a wrist watch since. Don't even have a wedding ring to slow me down.    With the jobs I've had a wrist watch, ring, or anything like that was dangerous so I was never tempted to wear anything.
I never heard of a club fitter that had you hit clubs until you found what was best for you and then had you order something entirely different. It would be like test driving cars until found one that was just right and then ordering an entirely different car.
Nah. Golfers can become superstars if they are not team players and they really don't have to cooperate with anybody. Football superstars rarely question a coach's decisions publicly because they know what it does to the locker room. They learned that fairly early on or they wouldn't have made their college teams. I'm sure Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are totally disgusted with personnel decisions plenty of times, and probably even voice their opinions on it, but not in...
Bull to you too. Players are let go all the time because they don't buy in. Most of the really uncooperative ones are cut before the ever even make a team. Sure an occasional superstar has status with ownership above a coach but that percentage is next to nothing compared to players that would be run out of town in a minute for undermining the coach.
Not to me. He should have told him what he thought in private instead of a backhanded public ambush where Watson really didn't have the option of much retaliation or rebuttal (or punching him in the nose).
Nothing wrong with scrutiny. Bad mouthing the captain's decisions with him sitting right there is not scrutiny. It's being a whiny baby that could use a good butt spanking. Quite a difference between coaching a football team and being the Ryder Cup captain. On a football team the player that did that in a press conference would probably be playing somewhere else the next week (if somebody wanted him). A coach can mold his team and demand certain things from them and if...
I don't care about throwing anybody under a bus, voicing displeasure with the captain, or aggression if it's warranted.   I voted no because I don't think they lost because of Watson and I don't think that PODS would have helped them a bit. If I had been Watson listening to that my blood would have been boiling.
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