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Playing with people I like.    Nothing else (like how I play) matters enough to me to make or break my "day".   About the only rounds I don't enjoy anymore are when I'm either playing alone or playing with Debbie or Donnie Downer.
  Yep. Me too. IMO Simple Man a better song that made me say "Hey, I'm going to learn to play that when I get home."  Free Bird made me just shake my head and say "I can't do that."
I don't ever remember saying that.   Maybe because one of my first athletic memories was getting smoked badly by a girl in an elementary school race... when I was absolutely certain I was the fastest in the school.   Where I heard it said most was from one girl to another when I was coaching some fairly high level high school age girls softball.   BTW. It usually only takes a very short time with a "Four Corners Drill" for a girl (or a boy) to close their...
Any free birds out there?   If you can't break a 10 minute 2 mile run to this you never will.
Stovetop oatmeal/chocolate-peanut butter. http://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolate-and-Peanut-Butter-No-Bake-Cookies/
That's why golf is a four letter word.
Good choices.  Started to say a 3 hybrid myself but went with the 5W just because I've done it before (before I had a hybrid). I think I'll officially change mine to a 3 hybrid and PW in a close race.
For the 1000s of "quarterbacks" sitting on their couches posting on sports blogs after Saturday here is my favorite video of all time. Especially the ones that never played a down in their lives.   "You think you know but you don't... know...and you never...will."
I understood "the logic" just fine. It's just funny when it collides with the real world with endless scenarios. (BTW my dad always told me to say yes when my mom asked if I wanted milk or tea). Well my laptop keyboard has evidently blown up and I'm having to type this with the on-screen keyboard. Too tedious me.
New Posts  All Forums: