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One of you Fox News haters see if you can find a clip of any Fox News "anchor" (not an opinion show) acting as ridiculous as this.
For some reason I've always been really lucky when I've played in really thick fog. To say I'm not a straight driver of the ball would be a huge understatement. I halfway get by making sure I at least miss to the more desired side.   In very thick fog where I really don't have the option of missing at all, with much hope of finding my ball, I don't miss very often and usually find the ball in the fairway.   No idea why. Maybe it's that I try harder because I know...
Thoughts: Not overly surprised about LSU. Alabama still very sloppy but fairly talented. (Same old same old Yo Yo). No quit in Tennessee. (Slightly surprised). Wild one going on right now with Ohio State and Penn State, (Surprised). TCU lots of 3 pointers and offensive rebounds?
 LOL. Reminds me of the book "1984".
When I first started playing golf my daughter gave me a subscription to Golf Digest as a gift.   After reading the first few issues it was obvious to me that one person's "tip" in one issue was on another person's "don't do list" in the next issue.   After the subscription expired I never bothered to keep it.
Only thing that would be better would be to have a boat and be headed up to the game on the river. (With the ribs cooking on the boat).  Ya'll pick me up at Moccasin Bend.
Wow! Congrats again. How do you think you stack up against other regions? Here in northeast Alabama our problem is that once we get in the playoffs we usually can't match the team speed from teams south of Birmingham. Out of the 9 schools in the county this year there is only one that might be able to match up.
I don't keep track of it enough to have even known who the PGA President was until this thread.   I'm old school enough to not envision a President of anything above a junior high school club sitting around Tweeting insults whether they are politically correct or not.   I would fire him post haste and try to get an adult in the position.
I think he means that it was cut and just something to fool the next ball hawk into picking it up.
Now there's something even those of us that play there (and most of all the current owner) would agree on, but that horse has left the barn. If there was even 10 more acres we could fix some problems on the back nine. Luckily I've never heard any complaints from regular customers about playing that hole the normal way because they know they can't hit that shot anyway. BTW. The owner is talking about a plan to build a new green and change a hole that would eliminate the...
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