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Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Capitol Hill Course. Prattville, Alabama.
Four more points for having a coach.  Nothing wrong with having a coach but I know some people with coaches that have no "grit" whatsoever.
Short answer: Yes there's a double standard. Debatable is how much of a double standard there should be if any. Right or wrong the perception is that since men are bigger and stronger (especially athletes) they are more dangerous when they are out of control and hit people. Men hitting weaker people is perceived as a bigger problem than women doing the same thing. BTW. One thing that does get lost in all of this is that the percentage of domestic violence charges against...
Of course they knew. Everybody knew except Roger Goodell (sarcasm). If Goodell didn't see the tape it was for one reason.
Reminds me of the stories of Callaway County Missouri and The Kingdom of Callaway.  “I am from the Kingdom of Callaway–6 feet, 4 1/2 inches tall, and all South, by God!”(John Sampson)
If "like a pro" means like somebody on the PGA Tour then no. Pretty good but nowhere near that good. All of the players I know that are in the neighborhood of scratch are good ball strikers though. I don't know any of them that I think could beat me in any kind of short game contest and yet they can beat me easily in a round of golf because of their ball striking (and my lack of it).
36.   Haven't read the article yet and don't know what a 36 really means.   If it means I suck at golf the test probably has some validity.
We are usually going to (at least) two putt anything longer than 10 feet anyway.
A teenager on a four-wheeler did the same thing to the first green where I used to be a member. I asked the superintendent if the kid was going to pay for it and he said no, and that the kid's family didn't have any money.   I told him they obviously have enough money to afford a four-wheeler.
Trenton Golf Course. Trenton, Ga.   Hole 10 as we are waiting for a group of seniors to tee off. Hole 16. Takes about a 220 to 250 yard layup and then a short iron across the water.     Lots of severe slopes on this course.
New Posts  All Forums: