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Anybody pick the Rams to win today? If you did, considering how they've been playing, I annoint you as a genius. BTW that punt return that faked out Seattle was something.
 No need to be sorry. I'm glad you did stir it up.I would have gone on not knowing how the rule was written and being wrong about the options a committee has at their "discretion".
 Well at least we agree on something. In the words of Wimp Sanderson "If we are number 7 in the country it's an awfully weak country."
I don't disagree with any of that but I will say that it's highly unlikely that any team in the country could play consecutive games against the two Mississippi schools and Alabama like TAMU had to do and not lose any games (including the two Mississippi schools and Alabama). They lost all three and that makes them look horrible but plenty of teams that think they are pretty good would have lost those three games if they played them consecutively with two on the road.
I wasn't very clear about that in my first post but "line of play" was the issue. Looking at the definition of "temporary immovable object" I'm not sure how I would classify those fans. They are not in conjunction with the tournament or really even in conjunction with everyday play. They are mounted there and when the weather is hot they are turned on. When not used they are still there.
Thanks. Sounds like the pro is probably right if they are not movable. (?) I guess it comes down to what is "movable" on line of play. Even though the fans of course could be moved it would take some equipment to do it, they seem "permanently" mounted, and they usually leave them in place from what I remember. As they were arguing in the clubhouse the pro called somebody to verify his position, and get it right. I have no idea who he called but evidently they agreed with...
They did Saturday...but they are too weak in the offensive line against teams with top level defensive front 7s. Not weak physically but weak in chemistry and cohesion. This team is a little schizophrenic like the 2010 team that probably was as good as anybody but didn't always play like it (for some reason), except with a weaker OL. Maybe they will improve and maybe they lose 2 or 3 more games if they don't. BTW unlike almost every Alabama fan I know (and ESPN pundits) I...
If this has been covered somewhere my apologies, but I can't find it.   I was in a tournament a couple of years ago and they had greens cooling fans around most of the greens. The rules sheet they provided said there was no free relief from being obstructed by one of the fans.   Never came into play for my group but back at the clubhouse there was a pretty big argument about it. Evidently somebody had violated that rule (because they didn't read the rules sheet). A few...
Trying to contain Ebola is a prudent thing to do but for the most part: I agree with Shep. Calm down.
 Seems very poorly worded to me. I feel sure that nobody intended for a committee to literally declare an environmentally protected area as GUR unless it actually fit the normal criteria for GUR. Problem is that it is worded as a list of possibilities followed by "at the discretion".
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