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An experiment using one subject would fit my definition of junk science and for me common sense and life experiences trump junk science. One person in an experiment proves nothing on one side and very little on the other. If he made it to the PGA Tour it would mean he (one individual) had the talent to make it with training. If he didn't make it to the PGA Tour it proves he (one individual) didn't have the talent to make it with training. I know many people that put 10,000...
Played 8 holes and made 7 birdies and one par. Had to putt on the 8th green using the lights on my golf cart and quit after 8.   Shorter "hot streak" back to back eagles on back to back par 5s and missed an eagle putt on the next hole, a drivable par 4.
On courses I play a lot I add up the strokes after the round unless I'm playing some sort of competitive round where I have to keep a scorecard. No trouble remembering all of the shots with a quick replay of the round in my mind, and I know where I stand against par all along during the round. On new courses the sequence of the holes gets more jumbled in my mind so I write the score down after each hole.
Web Simpson hits quite a few of these for a pro.
 My oldest son got about 100 stings on his back one day when we were walking down in the canyon to fish. My brother and I were raking them off of him with our hands and somehow neither of us got stung. Good thing he wasn't allergic to the stings like my youngest son is because we were a long way (and a long time) from any help. I get on nests occasionally when I'm mowing and get a few stings. Then I pour gas down the hole and light them up.
 I never saw a shot I thought I couldn't hit (only very slight hyperbole) but occasionally now some common sense actually prevails and I play more sensibly.  I think the birdie to bogey ratio is about the same but many more pars, many less eagles, and many less doubles, triples, and beyond.
I would play. I'll play almost any kind of sport or game.   Would probably be better at that than regular golf anyway.
Sounds like you will do fine as a parent. Encourage them to do a variety of things, don't do it for them (even though you will want to) and let them figure things out for themselves.  [[SPOILER]]
Watch out or they'll laugh at you when you go home.  I'm going to the Gulf Shores area in September to play some golf and relax on the beach (I need a vacation). Hey any of ya'll want to see the bucket off of the machine I used to work on? I was going through some old pics that daddy had and came across this one of me standing by the bucket.Here is the whole dragline.The good old days.
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