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I'm going to have to toughen up before the Saturday game tomorrow. Temperature is supposed to be 29 degrees (not too bad) but with 28 mph winds (a game changer) and chance of flurries.   Not ready for that yet.
While working at the course I've found a lot of balls stuck in the forks of trees. I'm sure that there are plenty more that we don't find and the tree has grown around them. P.S. Here is a 1/2 inch cable that I attached to this tree about 20 years ago (for something I can't remember) and forgot about it. I noticed it last week when I was down in the woods.
With a chainsaw I would expect the ball to be smeared with bar chain oil and maybe not so clean a cut. Also a heck of a coincidence that the ball was cut exactly in half. On the other hand it's between forks just as a ball would be, the tree rings deformed around the ball just as they would do naturally, and somebody would have had to have enough forethought to find exactly those conditions and decide to photo shop a golf ball in that spot. There is not an unreasonable...
Maybe 7 to 10 years? Hard to tell with the rings deformed where the ball is.
Winning the last 3 conference games is more than a long shot so I've accepted that it's not going to happen. If I watch the Tennessee game but insert Dak Prescot for Joshua Dobbs in my imagination it turns into a nightmare very quickly. At this point I'm just hoping it's anybody except FSU.
From the good ol' days when I did live on the road.
And that's why losers are losers.
Well my hand is inching toward the remote control.   Somebody forgot to tell Louisville that there are 4 quarters in a game.   The way they were playing in the first half I was wondering why/how they had lost two games but now I know.
And a kick in the butt for fumbling the ball after intercepting it.
FSU at Louisville:   Long way to go but early in the second quarter it certainly looks like Louisville can hang with FSU.   Score 7 to 0 but could/should be 14 to 0.
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