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Why argue about something you don't really know? He hits it 220 yards. Maybe he plays on wide fairways. Maybe he's accurate at 220 yards. Maybe he's exaggerating. Maybe he's taking a rough guess. Maybe it's just a figure of speech to indicate he's usually in the fairway. My wife probably hits over 80% fairways because she can't hit it far enough to miss the fairway (and she's fairly accurate). I'm quite sure my boss hits over 80% fairways because he's the most accurate...
I just cut the tape about 3/8 inch longer than the grip and wrap it around the shaft so that extra 3/8 inch is overhanging the end of the shaft. That way I can tuck the excess into the shaft and that assures that it can't slide down as I put the grip on.   I hold the taped end over a plastic container with the end pointing downward. Then I cover the tape with charcoal lighter fluid (because that's what I always have handy). The excess lighter fluid goes into the...
Ah, I got it now.  Needing a battery and the "electricity cut" thing threw me. I've been working on my old tractor (that I haven't cranked in 4 years) for 3 days and finally got it going today. Had to replace the battery, change the points, plugs, and wires. Still wouldn't run. Then I completely cleaned out the gas tank which was full of rust and gummed up tar (major pain in the @ss). Went to crank it and noticed that gas was pouring out of the carburetor. Had to take it...
I watch the NFL if there's a game on and I don't have anything better to do, but I rarely care who wins or loses.   Haven't watched a full NBA game since Jordan quit but I'll watch a few minutes of a game occasionally.   So it would be the NFL more or less by default.   College football is the sport I watch about 99% more than any other.   Can't think of any sport I don't like to play but I don't care much about watching most of them.
Hmmm. That wouldn't be a bad idea for me to put in at home. I have the land and some farm equipment so it wouldn't be hard to do. Yeah it's amazing how that much bare ground can fill it like that. Also amazing how complete that winter kill was and how places that we haven't touched yet are still dead. Like this back tee box that we aren't using that I took a picture of yesterday.
I suppose I should live in Australia because I think the "tip everybody you can think of" culture is silly.   Most of the time if I disagree with something society deems appropriate for me to do I'm stubborn enough to not play along. Tipping is my exception to that I suppose because I'm usually a generous tipper...but that doesn't stop me from thinking it's ridiculous when I'm expected to do it.   Many times I'm giving somebody a tip that's making more money than I am,...
Just curious. What does that mean?
I have more pin location options every week now. I think we'll probably be able to use the 18th green this weekend for the first time this year.
 ^^^ If I didn't know better I would have thought that was something that I wrote.  Pretty sure that I can get it straightened out if I start playing as much golf as I originally intended to play this year before all sorts of other things got in the way.
Bubba Watson.   Funny, that's what I would have guessed before even looking at the quiz, but for reasons that weren't included in any of the questions.
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