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None of the multiple things wrong with my swings cause a Medicus to hinge (ever) so it did me no good at all. It did seem to help my son some because it was hinging all over the place when he first tried it. From what I see some swing flaws cause it to hinge and other swing flaws don't. I wouldn't say it's a gimmick but it may or may not help you any.
I had already deleted them but if I get any more I'll follow the directions.
I know that except for the ridiculous last winter and the equally ridiculous winter of 79 it's warmer now than it was when I was a kid and ice skated fairly regularly around here.   If kids now were into ice skating like we used to be they would be pretty much out of luck around here most years.   Whether any "Global warming" is man made or not I don't have a clue. Most scientists think so but some don't, and scientists can jump on a bandwagon just like anybody...
I have no idea how many rounds I've played but a very conservative estimate of 10 rounds a week for 40 weeks out of the year for the six years I was a club member and at least 100 rounds a year for the other 4 years of playing golf...And 0 holes in one. I'm evidently just not good enough.
Hmmm. Looks like it to me.             Clubs are fit based on wrist to floor or something similar that reflects how far a person's hands are from the ground. The 6' 6" guy may not have very much more wrist to floor distance than I do.
This thread has taken a turn toward silliness. Now it's an advantage to be short because 3 short guys were the final 3 in The Open? (SMH)   That would be like scouts for the NFL running back to the office after the Super Bowl and telling management to only draft 5' 10" quarterbacks because Wilson won the Super Bowl or baseball scouts not recommending drafting any more tall pitchers after watching Roy Oswalt pitch.   Nobody in their right mind ever suggested that...
 Losing power like this?
 ^^^ Yeah, I might do it once if I had already paid for 18 holes but I would do whatever I thought I needed to do to make sure it never happened again. If that was the norm and nothing I could do about it I would quit. I don't like very fast rounds (like the main objective is to get off of the course as soon as I can) but I like slow rounds even less. I'm satisfied with something around 3 to 3 1/2 hours, give or take 15 minutes, depending on the course.
Pretty funny. At the time I made my picks I thought there was a slight chance that nobody would pick Fowler or Garcia as their first pick and I could steal them cheap.   I never figured both would finish the Open as well as they did.
I'm inconsistent with my terminology about it.   Scenario:   I'm just standing around on the tee box waiting to hit and somebody in front of me hits a shot that starts right of target and curves back toward the target. If somebody asked I would say they hit a push draw.   Scenario:   Somebody asks me to watch their swing and tell then what I think they are doing. They aim well right and hit a pull draw that starts right of target and curves back toward the target....
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