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I'm not in for any money but if I can duplicate it I will have a debt to pay.
For the record (and calculations) it didn't feel like I hit the ball at all. Maybe I did and maybe I didn't but it just felt like I threw a whole lot of water on the green and the ball was in with it (to my surprise).
LOL. But I was there.I hope that works out for me.
That theory is out. I carried around a tape measure on my belt for 36 years on the job and I'm pretty good at estimating distances. The only two options are that I'm lying or it happened. Funny thing is that I won't even say how far I hit a golf ball on the internet so nobody will think I'm lying but I slipped up here.  Should have just waited until next summer and tried it again.
That's alright. As I said from the start I didn't expect anybody to believe it. Pretty sure I wouldn't believe it myself if I wasn't there. Maybe when the weather gets warmer I can see if I can do it again on video or something. I'm not even sure myself how many tries it might take.
I don't have a whole lot of problem so far with the Selection Committee's Top 25 but some of the choices and specifically some of the things they say to explain it are somewhere between humorous and eyebrow raising.   To admittedly give Oregon a break because they had an injury to their left tackle tops the list. As if no other football team in the country has had injuries.     To get themselves in a position where both Baylor and TCU could win out and Baylor be the...
And that's why I said being slow is relative. BTW I am considered slow to the people in a daily 12:30 game at a local club. They think they are supposed to be done by 3:00 o'clock (2 1/2 hours) and aren't shy about expressing it. I always told them they were more interested in getting off of the course than they were at winning the game. Our Saturday game starts at 10:00 o'clock and I must leave by 2:00 o'clock or I would have to quit. Never have had to quit yet but have...
Did anybody watch these trapped window washers? http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/11/12/at-least-one-window-washer-trapped-on-scaffold-at-1-world-trade-center/   Looks like they cut through the glass from the inside to bring them in.   Weird but when I used to work up high things like that didn't scare me at all until I got home and went to bed and envisioned falling.
You better jump on that bet.   Bettors always like Alabama too much. Always have. You would think that Alabama fans were the only ones betting (and they are always overly optimistic to say the least). Vegas is going to open the line where they think they can get the most public action. For some reason the betting public has no confidence in Mississippi State and think Alabama is still "Alabama".
I suppose "slow" is relative and I don't know any players that would get anywhere near 6 hours to play a round in a foursome.   To me 4 hours is slow.   Among the ones that I consider slow none of them have a clue that they are slow. I voted that they think their pace is faster than it is but it's really more like they don't think about time or pace at all.
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