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I agree that the rough is less of a factor with longer tee shots that get closer to the greens, and I have been on some courses where the rough was so high and thick that it had to be avoided at all costs, but that's not typical. BTW.  I have never said how far I typically hit my driver. Not going down that road.
I'm not much of a stats guy but I think you are putting way more importance on hitting fairways in relation to GIR than anything I've seen, by a long ways. Of course it depends on the course and how penal the rough is, how badly the fairways are missed, and how much trouble there is on the course. My main objective off of the tee is to stay out of trouble (hazards, OB, and places where I don't have legitimate second shot). Fairways? Meh. It's great if I hit them but not...
Voted no.   I've been on a course or two that was a little too fast or a little too slow for optimum putting but most are about right.   Would be nice if they all were perfectly smooth, the grass was perfectly even, and all of the greens were relatively the same speed and condition, but...easier said than done.
Yeah the guy that worked his ass off to get to triple A and maybe had a cup of coffee in the Majors usually makes the best manager.
 A new golfer and I were on a par 3 tee box one time (mostly messing around) and talking about his game, or lack thereof. He had a very old set of blade irons that his uncle had given him. I asked him if I could hit one of them, fully intending to show him that his irons were far inferior to mine. I hit one shot and it sailed right over the top of the flag stick and landed on the back of the green. I had figured there wasn't a chance in the world I could hit that little...
Wilbon and Kornheiser had a segment on the 15" holes on their show today.   Kornheiser acted surprised that play was down. I can see somebody living in a city (and having a hard time getting a tee time) thinking that. Even in Chattanooga I would think there are more people than ever playing golf based on the number of people on the courses when I go up there.   Overflow from the city courses used to go to the courses in the outlying areas. Now it seems those golfers...
I've got to go with the talent pool size and "17 Majors in the 90s-10s".   It's like recruiting players from a 1A school to recruiting players from a 5A school. You don't even really know what you are looking at when you see somebody dominate a 1A game. They might not even make the team at the 5A school.   The big fish in a small pond is a shrimp in the ocean.
I have a barn I can practice in, and I do. I also have an outside net to hit into, which I do. Neither let me practice the entire time I am watching TV like the living room allows.  Wiped mine out too. I suppose I'll fix it at the same time I fix the ceiling close to it. Who would have thought that slow motion swings could do so much damage?
My wife doesn't think I'm "dorky" for practicing in the living room 8 to 10 hours a day but she does think I'm a moron for constantly (accidently) hitting the ceiling with my follow through. Of course I do agree with her because I am going to have to fix the ceiling at some point...but right now my golf swing is much more important than my ceiling. (Plus she vacuums up the paint chips on the floor everyday so no problem).
And I (who notoriously never changes anything) set about to change the shaft position at P5, to look more like the rest of the golfing world, at the 1st of November. 1,000s and 1,000s of slow motion swings and drills trying to make that plane feel and become the new "natural". Day after day and night after night. Have to say that part worked. Then when the weather got better and I started playing I had to start fighting through growing pains that were fairly inevitable...
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