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Yeah, less than that. If the weather stays like it was today for a few more days that will be the last we have to deal with greens like that.BTW. Our group won the money on one side at one over par in double low ball, and that never happens, so the other groups did worse than we did.
I wish we had used 15" holes yesterday. I saw more 3 putts in that round of golf among our group than I have ever seen before, by a wide margin. Lightning fast dormant Bermuda + slow patches of emerging new grass + 30mph winds = a complete nightmare on the greens. One guy barely touched his very slightly downhill 12' putt and the wind kept pushing it and pushing it until it went completely off of the green 30' past the hole.
As I've said before, I truly couldn't care less what "rules" anybody else plays by or what "score" they claim they shot unless they are playing against me or anybody else in some kind of a competition or if they are keeping track of a handicap. If they are just playing for fun they can have thier fun anyway they like. If they said they beat me I would smile at them and say, yeah you really beat me.
Okay. ??? "Speaking of horses. Did you ever see any of those Lipizzaner stallions?"
I certainly don't claim to have the answer but the way my wife started, and even the way my son and I started to a much lessor extent seemed to work pretty well.   We never attempted to keep stroke play scores but just played holes individually as more of a match play format. That way we could enjoy any good holes we happened to play and any good shots we happened to hit while not having to beat ourselves up over the terrible shots and terrible holes and a ridiculous...
Bruce Hornsby tonight.  
I bought several sets of those cheap wedges in a 3 pack that Adams used to sell. Seems like the 3 pack was under $50 at that time at Academy Sports. I'm still playing with a set of them so...
I've been right there with ya'll too many times to count.After hitting the first shank is when it would be a great thing to be the stupidest of all stupid monkeys and think something was different about that swing (outside of the obvious). That requires completely forgetting that the same crappy swing hadn't shanked a ball in a year.My mind imediately flashes to images of Steve Sax, Chuck Knoblauch, or Rick Ankiel and those images won't leave my mind.Sometimes little...
I actually prefer the ball sitting on hard pan with no grass if it's a flat lie. It's like there is nothing there to mess up my contact. (Almost like cheating). "In a bit of a crevasse of dirt"? Probably not, depending on how deep the crevasse was. In very much of a crevasse it sounds like bump and run time, maybe even with a hybrid. (Or stab and hope).
I hadn't read this thread before. Good stuff!!!
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