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 I always liked that movie. Haven't seen it in a while but I have an uncanny ability to enoy the same movie time after time.My wife thinks I'm crazy (I wouldn't argue that point) and sometimes as she's walking through she'll say "How many times have you seen that movie?"
I like it when the person in front of me reclines. That way I can just lay back and hike my legs over their seat and let my feet rest against their chest.
I agree with @Strandly about that into the grain short pitch or chip (especially on Bermuda, and more especially on dormant Bermuda).  Mostly from the standpoint that it's such a short shot that everybody should be able to hit and doesn't require anything outside of the average person's athletic ability. BTW I think putting is the easiest part of the game. Hand a putter to anybody from a young kid to a senior citizen that has never played golf in their life and they likely...
 BINGO!Who pays for the window can be worked out and probably varies in different locations and in different circumstances.If you have to take off running because of something you did you are in the wrong.(I think I did that one time when I was about about 5 years old).
Oklahoma State should call time out and tell the refs that Florida State has too many athletes on the field. There we go. A fumble. I couldn't care less who wins this game but I'm stuck at work watching it and it's not up to me to change channels. I at least hope it's a decent game.
Yeah try to pick a slow time and/or a course that doesn't get much play. If you do get paired up just keep up with the pace of play even if it means picking up the ball after bad shots and dropping up where a good shot would have been. When my wife first started playing she couldn't hit a ball 100 yards but when she joined my son and I our group never held anybody up. On really long holes she would just start from where our tee shots ended up and if she was having a...
 Hey, a win is better than the alternative. Alabama didn't look very good either. About like I expected.Damn I hate it when I'm right sometimes.
Having "a policy" won't necessarily solve future problems. In some of these cases you have a "he said/she said". Without a conviction I expect the union to fight any suspensions but the public won't necessarily presume innocence.
 Well as my parents used to tell us "your eyes were bigger than your stomach" and "you put a little too much on your plate." Didn't quite have it in me and shot a 72 with 3 birdies and 4 bogeys. Still my best round of the year.Thought I was home free to better my prediction but dunked it in the water on 17. Did a decent job of holding that to a bogey and had a good up and down on 18 for a par.On the other hand I had several par putts of between 5 and 10 feet and made all...
Even par 71.   For the first time in a couple of years I think I have enough game to go out on that limb (at least it seems that way in practice).   Tweaked my setup a little and pre-set my hips slightly closed and it seems to have corrected a few problems.   We'll see.
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