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 I agree. Both teams looked pretty impressive to me.Notre Dame looked a little bit more physical than I expected them to look (and I had not watched them play this year until that game).
 Just my opinion but I think his fantasy value goes up because the Jets will at least make an attempt to use him more.
Pretty good football game going on right now between Notre Dame and FSU. I'm still undecided who I'm for in that game even at this point. The voice in my left ear says "You can't root for FSU as long as Jamis Winston is on the field but the voice in my right ear says "Really? Notre Dame? You've hated them with a passion since 1966."
 Yeah I'm in the same boat. A stalemate is fine by me.
Would be interesting to see how the vote breaks down by age. I would guess that almost anybody currently under 50 would have seen an increase if they are playing and practicing much golf and staying in good shape. It would start to get a little ify at 55 or 60. Over 60 if you've picked up yardage in the last 10 years hat's off to you.
 You've got to at least pick somebody down here. Alabama Penal Code:Section 22-4: Upon becoming a legal residient of the state of Alabama each citizen has a 90 day grace period to choose whether to be an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan.People found in violation of this ordinance willl receive the mandatory, humiliating, sentence of ten years as a designated Tennessee fan.Sentence will be automatically suspended if a child of the convicted can run at least a 4.4 40 yard dash...
I don't overlap or interlock and I do put my right index finger down the shaft. Don't know how good I am but there's nobody in my golfing world that I would want to putt for me.
While watching the Alabama game it dawned on me what this year's team reminds me of. I coached a couple of twins one time in baseball that would watch the opposing pitcher warming up and decide among themselves if they could hit him or not. If they decided they could hit him I could count on at least a couple of home runs each out of them. If they decided they could not I might as well go ahead and write them both down for 0 for 4s. Alabama is just like those twins. If...
The "hit rate" on a 3rd round draft pick is around 35% to 40%. A trade like that is usually for somebody like a second string right guard that's good enough to start for somebody but sitting behind a better player. It's an eyebrow raiser when Percy Harvin = a 35% to 40% future coin toss. Somebody knows something I don't know.
Are you kidding? Obama doesn't do anything to "appease the other side of the aisle". He knew the CDC director was making a mess of spinning a believable message to the public, even if given the benefit of the doubt about his handling of the situation on the ground. Hell even the New York Times had an article about how mad Obama was in private meetings about it. Instead of asking him to step down (which would make them all look bad) he anointed a public mouthpiece as...
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