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Ha ha ha ha! My wife is a Cubs fan and thinks the same thing. If it can happen for that 2 year old maybe it can happen for her.  I always like to remind her that they are only in their second century of the rebuilding project and anybody can have a bad century.
Right there is where you and I are on separate planets. Members of my family that are still in the military enjoy getting on with their lives just as much as anybody else. They sacrifice time away from their young kids by choice out of a duty to their country but are no less happy to get home to their wives and kids.
Not a chance in the world I would make a separate quarantine policy just for the military. Basically just because I could and they have to follow orders? The way I see it either a quarantine is necessary or it's not necessary period. Those soldiers like to get home to their families every bit as much as civilians do.
I couldn't help but smile when I read that.  My wife thinks that the hole in a sewing needle has gotten smaller in the last few years. LOL I don't need reading glasses because I'm near sighted but I figure it's the same feeling I get when I look across a baseball field from the outfield fence to home plate and think it's a Hell of a lot longer throw than it used to be.
Either fortunately or unfortunately (I'm not sure which) I could fill a thread up with stuff like that. At least I get my money's worth and see the entire course.
The Giants made most of the defensive plays they needed to make and too much Bumgarner for the Royals to overcome.   On another note: I've never understood the need for idiots to riot after winning something. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jimdalrympleii/san-francisco-giants-fans-trash-the-city-after-world-series
Royals only hope now is if they can replace an umpire with Don Denkinger.
I wish they would do something fairly nice like that for the soldiers that come back (since they've already said they were going to be quarantined). Maybe lease out a nice resort on an island somewhere with all of the shrimp and lobster they want. Edit: Which reminds me. I'm not getting why private citizens should be regarded any differently regarding quarantine than our military is. Right or wrong if it's necessary for one group it should be necessary for all groups.
 Maybe if there was some sort of natural slope so it could release around without building up too much. That would be fun to play with too. As a coal miner I would have to go with what I know and that's cutting a bench with dozers and scrapers. If there was time and money for a 2570 dragline to be erected I would be 100% confident but those were about 35 million dollars the last time I worked on one and take about a year to erect. Of course that's pocket change for the...
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