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Who said anything about class warfare? It's simply a fact. I know quite a few people that won't play there and that's fine. It's not for everybody and doesn't have to be.Lob it over the trees down close to the green where other people are playing and/or other people hitting into you? Well I guess that's one way to do it.
Anybody watch Gold Rush?   I mostly watch to laugh at their general lack of mining ability that still sometimes results in big profits. Lots of gold in them thar hills.   Got to hand it to them on the guts to throw down and take a risk.
Wow. 18 years of cheating and nothing from the NCAA???   I can name 5 schools right off of the top of my head that had "violations" that pale in comparison to this that got slapped with probation, ineligible bowl status, and scholarship reductions.   http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/22/us/unc-report-academic-fraud/index.html   I hadn't even heard of it until just now watching Cowherd's show.
My boss just bought a brand new one this week and has been riding it around the golf course when he's watering the greens and stuff. I kept asking him about his "hog".  I've never owned any sort of motorcycle/scooter/mini-bike and haven't driven one since I was a kid but it looks like it would be a fun toy.
LOL. I love listening to that guy. Amazes me how some people can do that.
Well luckily you may never play a course where they have such a rule. Making it a par 3 would be turning a fun hole that pretty much separates the good players from the rest of us into just another golf hole. It's much better as it is. Nothing wrong with not liking the rule or not playing the course. I doubt if you (or anybody else used to playing "nicer courses") would like it anyway. In this case it's such a low percentage shot that I doubt if a single person has ever...
No. He's really not. "The rules" are whatever the owner of the course wants to make them. The USGA has no jurisdiction over what he wants to do with his property and they are certainly not going to assume his liability if somebody gets seriously hurt. The trees do make it "impossible to take a line directly at the green". They just don't stop morons from trying to hit a 250 yard slice around them.The course was built long ago, there is no room for options, no money for a...
Looks like somebody needs to start up an ISIS thread because we seem to be moving too far in that direction in this one.
Really? How quickly we forget. SMH. How many people did Al Queda kill in America before 9/11 2001? They had nowhere near the resources that ISIS has but the same goals.
I'm not worried a bit. If I was a worrier I would have been an absolute train wreck for most of my life with the dangerous jobs I've had. I do think if I was a doctor, and came back home after treating Ebola patients, I would care enough about my family and friends to stay fairly secluded for 21 days. I don't mind taking risks myself but I would never put my family at risk if I can avoid it...but that's just me.
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