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I have no problem with banning people from working for MLB in any capacity but I don't carry that connection to the HOF. I consider the Hall of Fame as a museum of history and I can't see banning history.    I wouldn't even have a problem if they put on his plaque or display that he was banned but kids visiting the hall should see and know about the all time hits leader.   And I was never a Rose fan (mostly because he played for the wrong team).
A couple of years ago I commented (without really knowing the numbers) that Bill Haas might be the most consistent player on Tour. Seemed like every tournament that I watched he was at least in the running. Haven't followed very closely lately.
Normally I think things between other people, that I know nothing about, are none of my business...   But I can't help wishing I knew the whole back story in this case.  
I would have figured that everybody would hit the ball straighter if they teed it up lower. I also would have figured they would hit it lower and shorter so not necessarily a trade off most of us would want.
Good reasons why the shotgun may not be the best choice. I actually think it is a good choice because it's plenty lethal within a room but less likely to injure neighbors.
The music of rural Appalachia.  Not really but there isn't a nickel's worth of difference.
Damn boys.   Most of the things ya'll hate are the way I talk (and write).   Leaves me 3 choices:   1. Never comment at all.   2. Proof read everything to make sure it suits all members of TST community.   3. To Hell with it. I'll continue writing the way I please.   I think I'll just go with number 3 for now.
 Probably one reason why I'm really good at shots around the green and really suck at a lot of other shots.
I've been on the wrong green a few times (some of them were so far off line that they are probably a record). Even before I ever knew the rule I never hit a ball off of the wrong green because I figured the superintendant would throw me off of the course.
 It may blow a transformer if enough of them hit it at once. Should be fun though.
New Posts  All Forums: