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I hate it when people say something that assumes a putt is made before it reaches the hole or for a teammate to say "He never misses these" as I'm getting ready to putt.   I'm thinking shut up!!!
I agree with that.In a putting contest on aerated greens I would still put my money on the good putter over the poor putter (but I wouldn't feel like it was quite as sure a bet). Side note: I'm slightly surprised that most people think their biggest handicap on aerated greens involves putting. For me chips and pitches are much more unpredictable on aerated greens than putts, depending of which edge of a hole the ball lands on.
I don't know anything about the "Ping" but mine seems to be miles off of the others. (???)   I do know that our internet sucks compared to what my friends and family with cable have.   Ping: 118 ms   Download Speed: 1.46 Mbps   Upload Speed: .23 Mbps
I started out using ten fingers because that's the only way I had ever held anything that I was swinging.   After a few years I decided to switch to something else because I figured the rest of the golfing world couldn't be wrong. Tried overlapping and didn't like the feel of my right little finger not being on the club. Tried interlocking and that felt pretty good so I decided to go with that.   Took a while for it to feel completely natural and hit the ball as well...
First place:   "I feel like I'm playing cards with my brother's kids or something."   Second place:   "You going to do something or just stand there and bleed?"   Yep Tombstone is my favorite movie.
I seem to be developing a little more common sense the last few years. Before that there wasn't a shot I didn't think I could hit even if I was consistently being proved wrong.
I'm thankful that I'm not the only one that has quite a bit of Tin Cup in me.  All of these 3s were making me feel bad. Heck I've hit the ball either OB, lost, or short of clearing some water 3 times in a row more times than I could ever count up.
My son gave me an elbow sleeve last week and I started using it tonight during a workout.   My elbow was bothering me just a little and I happened to remember I had it so I put it on. I'm not sure if it was the compression, just the fact that it kept my elbow warmer, or just a placebo effect, but the elbow didn't bother me anymore during the workout.   If it keeps working I don't really care why it's working.
My theory is that the closer to the equator you live the faster you can run. (Tongue in cheek). But, hmmm... High school teams from south Alabama are faster than teams from north Alabama. High school teams from Florida are faster than teams from Alabama. And watch those Jamaicans run!!!
I would hate to try to explain to my kids that we could have all been millionaires if I would have skipped their birth.
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