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For anybody crazy enough or curious enough to try it I can at least give you a tip (whether you believe me or not).   The way this guy goes about it has 0% chance. For any chance you have to position your hands ahead and chop straight down behind the ball as hard as you can with the club face vertical so the face isn't fighting through the water until it gets as low as it can go. More like splitting a log than swinging a golf club.   Have fun!   Ed: Moved from here.
I'm sure you know but that's okay. I expected it.
Or maybe it's because there is only one person on the committee with an SEC connection and has any idea how hard it is to win in Death Valley.  Or maybe they are playing a little chess knowing that it doesn't matter that Alabama is outside of the top 4 but it might matter for a team that doesn't play one of the teams above them (like TCU).
Predictions:   Mississippi State 28    Alabama 17 (Too much Prescott and I can't envision stopping the quarterback scrambles). Edit: To my dismay.   Georgia 42    Auburn 35 (Todd Gurley runs wild).   FSU 30    Miami 20 (Too much heat on the point shaving to give Miami a head start).
Hate to post this because nobody will believe it but who gives a crap. Last year I had a shot like that. Can't say for sure it was a foot deep because I didn't measure it but it was close to that. I was going to try the shot and my son basically told me I was an idiot so I decided to take a drop. After we were done with the hole I couldn't resist trying the shot and I got it on the green. I don't know if it was a 1 out of 1001 luck shot but I would say it wasn't far off of...
I don't know anything about golf instruction but I'm a little surprised that you guys would consider that much of a factor. I'm not saying it's not but just surprised. Could you not still be a good instructor if you had a serious injury that prevented you from hitting those shots? It seems like that is considered more important in golf than any coaching I've ever been around in other sports.(Like pitching coaches that wouldn't be able to get a ball to home plate but...
Daniel Rodriguez. Good story for Veteran's Day. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11839813   I just saw him in an interview and he's an impressive young man.
OMG!!!!! Did I say it was the same test? I already know the answer to that test and have known it since the first day I ever picked up a club.
Well once again it's pretty obvious that you and I are not going to agree. Ever.
Not if I can fix a problem all at once just as easily. What you see as short-sighted I see as smart. That's cool. Different strokes for different folks. With 5 major conferences it would never even occur to me in my wildest dreams to have 4 playoff spots. Since 5 doesn't come out even for a playoff the first solution that would enter my mind would be to go to 8 with 3 available wild card spots.
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