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I'm convinced that having a putter that fits is very important. I'm not convinced that it makes much difference which putter it is.   My putter cost $1 at a yard sale and I putt better than plenty of people I know that have expensive putters (including Scottys). Either the putter isn't making very much difference or I'm just on a long run of good luck and they are on a long run of bad luck.
 Me too. When I'm playing fairly well it feels like my swing takes the same amount of time whether it's a full swing or a little pitch around the green or anything in between.I've never timed it or anything but that's how it feels.
 Nice. I used to play quite a bit, mostly just for my own entertainment, but haven't played any in a while (probably have forgotten how).Broke a string a couple of years ago and never got around to replacing it.Never had a nice guitar and the one I have is so hard to play it's more like work than fun anyway.
What's a half pitch/half flop? That's what I use. A flitch.
I hope none of the guys in our games get one. It's really peaceful when their batteries go dead.
 They are lableled X Outs because they have some sort of blemish or deformity. Same ball just with a minor problem.Most people wouldn't notice a difference most of the time.
At 48 years old spending most of my time on various baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, hunting, or fishing, my son, who had played a few times with one of his friends, asked me to play.   I came up with the excuse that I didn't have any golf clubs but a friend that happened to be at my house said he had a set in his car that I could have. So fresh out of excuses we got out the clubs, hit a few balls down into the hayfield, and headed to a nearby...
I suppose it's because it takes very little energy to start unhinging lag early when my swing isn't as fast. With a faster swing the centrifugal force holds the lag in place longer. If I try to swing too ridiculously hard I push off of my back foot and transfer all of the weight to my front foot (to a fault). My typical miss if I over swing like that is for the club head to never catch up and leave the club face open. Also a tendency for the club path to be in to out to an...
Speaking just for me: Now I'm more likely to flip at the ball when making a less than full swing and more likely with a shorter club than a longer club. Less likely with a full swing. When I first started playing I would was more likely to start casting from the top when trying to hit the ball as far (or farther) than I could and what little technique I had would completely break down. I was trying to hit directly at the ball from the top of the swing with my hands instead...
 I miss the locally owned store where I used to buy all of my lumber and supplies. It shut down soon after a Lowes came to town. The employees at Lowes barely have enough basic knowledge to even have a conversation about home supplies and construction.There is one old fashioned auto parts store left in town and I always go there instead of about 3 chain outfits. If I'm working on my 1952 tractor and the guy behind the counter doesn't know which part might work I can always...
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