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Yeah it wouldn't bother me in the least if an athlete thanked Allah, or Buddha, or The Force, or anything else. Makes absolutely no difference to me.
SMH. Since I only talked about my personal experiences with the people I know personally there is no way for you to have any idea if it is accurate or not.
Hasn't felt much like "Bama" for a long time.  Many more of these winters and I may have to migrate farther south.
Hope is back. My backyard practice area is at least looking better.
No matter how much time I spend on the internet I am always taken aback by statements of religious hatred. I guess it's because of the places where I have lived. Even the most non-religious people I have ever known would consider being religious a positive attribute that is respected. They just choose otherwise. The most hard core coal miners I ever worked with that cursed like sailors, broke as many of The Ten Commandments as they could on a daily basis, and had never...
I would say your friend is right and wrong.   Right to not be hitting a driver on par 3s and wrong to be playing tees that have par 3s he can't reach with a driver.
I'm not sure that any player this side of the implementation of cameras, microphones and reporters not burying stories can meet @Rick Martin's standards for very long.
Yeah, it's sort of like watching one of the 24 hour "news networks". Stands to reason there is going to be a whole lot of redundancy if you watch it all day every day. They probably get a lot better ratings talking about the Masters stuff over and over again than they do for some of their "normal" programming.
@RiverForestKid is going to think he's really having a bad week when he comes out of surgery and finds out he lost his appendix and his driver at the same time.
I haven't seen enough of either of them to even put Spieth's chances ahead of Reed's chances.   Spieth had a better Masters. That only tells me he had a better week. Nothing more and nothing less.   There may be some 17 year old kid that we've never heard of that takes Majors away from all of them.   Seems like the trend for Majors lately is that any one of about 10 guys with plenty of distance can have a really good week driving the ball and that guy with the...
New Posts  All Forums: