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Pretty funny. At the time I made my picks I thought there was a slight chance that nobody would pick Fowler or Garcia as their first pick and I could steal them cheap.   I never figured both would finish the Open as well as they did.
I'm inconsistent with my terminology about it.   Scenario:   I'm just standing around on the tee box waiting to hit and somebody in front of me hits a shot that starts right of target and curves back toward the target. If somebody asked I would say they hit a push draw.   Scenario:   Somebody asks me to watch their swing and tell then what I think they are doing. They aim well right and hit a pull draw that starts right of target and curves back toward the target....
If some people continue to use the chest length putter without anchoring it looks to me like an argument waiting to happen. The forearm could be close enough to look anchored and not be fairly easily.
 If I only had 2 choices:I would rather creep along at a snail's pace while watching somebody shoot a 68 than to creep along at a snail's pace watching somebody shoot a 150. But voted no anyway.P.S. I'm sure there are plenty of really good golfers that are slow but I haven't run into any of them. I know a couple of them that take more time over a shot than the rest of us would like but they make up for it by hitting good shots and not requiring as many shots.
Maybe Tiger plays better between now and then but if not I wouldn't want to be in Watson's shoes making a pick. As somebody that only sporadically watches golf if Tiger isn't in the mix (case in point today watched holes 13 through 15 and then fell asleep) I hope he plays but if I didn't think he deserved it I wouldn't pick him.
I'm not sure I even have the capability to feel the "compression" of different golf balls. I feel the outer part (maybe just the cover) but other than that most balls feel pretty much the same to me. I've heard other people say "I don't like Pro V1s because they feel like rocks." When I hear something like that it's obvious that they are feeling something different than I am. That's not to say that I don't notice a difference in performance of different balls, because I...
Nothing in sports is guaranteed. Something may click and Tiger may be better than he ever was, maybe never wins again, and more likely something in between. He doesn't seem to have much confidence off of the tee (and for good reason) and it's hard to win like that against the players that are out there free-wheeling it. All it takes is for one of them to be hot to win the tournament and nobody pays much attention if the rest of them go up in flames. Tiger built himself...
Hmmm. And I always thought the low ones were for people that are long.
 So your comments are a public service announcement. Thanks. If I ever get frustrated enough I'll keep ice hockey in mind.
Lately I've recieved several E-Mail notifications of replies to comments somebody else made. Sort of makes me do a double take when I see the name of the thread and have no memory of commenting in that thread.
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