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Thanks,its been quite the journey to this point but if not for the lessons I would have probably given up on golf(so glad I didn't).you are so right about people not wanting lessons(assuming they can afford them)because the vast majority of people can't/don't learn from just watching videos.with some lessons you can go from there and have a better understanding of what your looking at on film/video!
Good post! I played golf maybe three or four times a year in my 20's (I'm 39).I'm athletic and thought I could just get out there and play good.I tried to teach myself the game (big mistake!).I finally decided to get a block of lessons 5-6 and it made all the difference in the world with my ball striking.that being said I have gone from (in 2 years)shooting in the 115-120s to bogey golf.I usually play from mid tees though.I just started to feel the way you do about my game...
Thanks all for the imput!i will try the greenside warmup and repost.
just curious,have you ever just hit balls on the range and how did you feel/play after.just wandering if you noticed a difference in your play and if thats why you chip,pitch,putt vs hitting balls! thanks.
I dont know about anyone else but i can be striping the ball on the range before my round,and feeling in sync.the minute i get on the course i feel like i feel like im swinging with alligator arms.I seem to play my best when i dont warm up before a round,but i always feel i should warm up before i tee off.Anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do about it!
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