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First, a tech question- can anyone get this site to load once you click "launch tournament tracker"? trackerarchive-s.pgatourhq.com My computer seems not to have the guts for it- of the 30-something green check marks that load up, there are 8 or so that just won't do it. Second- if I want to find specific shots for a specific player from a specific tournament- say Chris Kirk, McGladrey Classic 2013, 13th hole, 3rd round- is there anywhere online to find that info? I'm...
Hey guys,   Thought you all might be interested in reading the Masters retro diary that went up today on Cabrera v. Scott, Tiger's Drop, Day, Snedeker, and the rain at August. With some QUIPS mixed in. We're in the midst of amping up our golf coverage over there, and I wanted to spread the word.   Masters Retro Diary   Thanks for reading.   -Shane
Hey guys, I apologize if it's bad form to link my own article, but we at Grantland (an ESPN site started by Bill Simmons two years ago) are trying to get our golf coverage out there, and I figured you guys might like to check it out. Aside from the golf action, today's piece has a story about how Rory/Lowry/Mcdowell got out of a dinner check, and how I almost embarrassed myself completely in front of Tiger.   Rory and Tiger Falter   On another note, been lurking...
New Posts  All Forums: