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Thanks guys! I actually tried on a pair and they were not as comfortable as I had originally thought they might have been. I appreciate your opinions and I just got a few new pairs of nike's for this season.
I'm always looking at golf equipment, clothes, gear,etc... So recently I came across the Cobra Amp irons form last year. I love the look of them and the set comes with two hybrids which could possibly be my favorite club to hit, so the real question is, how do the irons perform? No golf store near me nor my club have them in stock or available to try. I still have my Ap2's to use if these dont go well but I was just looking for some other golfers input. Thanks! 
I have a Scotty Red X I want to refinish. Anyone know what I should use to refinish it? I am looking to black it out so if anyone has done it and has any advice, I'm looking for a little help.
Thanks Guys! Im hoping to either sell or trade my current Scotty because I tried going back to blade, but I just like the weight and feel of a mallet putter better.
Alright man thanks for the tip! But im talking about a a regular length 33" Golo, not the longer anchored ones!
Just thinking about trading in my Studio Laguna 2 and getting a Golo. Anyone have any comments or use a Golo, if so how do you like it?
Today I went out and played 9 holes. I took the new RBZ stage 2 demo with me and I hit it well, not as well as I hoped. Hopefully when the new XHot comes into the pro shop I'll try that out. Also. the course is running a huge sale on all the ping I,K,and G 20's. Anyone have any thoughts or have hit one?
Well based on some of the replies it looks like the next clubs I have to try out are the XHot and the Amp. I have a 910F now and before I bought it I tryed out the F-d version and there wasnt a huge difference for me, so I just went the the 910F. 
I have a ton of Oakley apparel that I love. It is comfortable and looks good. But I have always thought about buying some of their golf shoes but I have never seen anyone at the course wearing them. Some of them look really nice and other not so much. So the real question is does anyone have any or have had any and what are they like?
Just to give my "2 Cents" I had a 64 vokey in my bag for about 6 months. the club itself was hard to hit on approach shots, and it has hard to control. On the other hand around the green it was very useful for chipping out of the rough or greenside bunkers. But mostly I took it out because I got a 60 that was easier to hit and I really did not notice anything different when chipping. Also, since I rarely used it, it took up space in my bag that I could have used for...
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