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weigh in on the 64* wedge because this club draws much hate, a lot of times it seems by people who have never used or have never even hit a 64* wedge! I'm curious as to what everyone thinks!
yep im a firm believer in the back yard and on the course, granted i play a rural course and its not very expensive but when your on the course drop a couple balls and hit them with your new wedge! you can get a decent wedge out of the plastic for 30 bucks..why not.....and David in Fl, next time you have a thought just let it pass, this isnt facebook bub, so keep ur useless posts to yourself!
Ive just started golfing about 2 yrs ago, and picked up on the game fairly quickly, and got hooked! i now shoot low to mid 80's   i use my 64* wedge more than any other of my wedges(48*,52*,56*)! although it depends a lot on the lie, (i wont use it if I'm on a hard surface or dirt) but if I'm on decent grass my 64* is the club for me from about 80yds in! i have even gotten on it before and dropped it on the green from the 100yd marker!   i vary the ball position...
i just started golfing a couple years ago and picked it up pretty quickly(with a good deal of help from a friend who helped me with the fundamentals) anyway something i did to get good contact with my 3 wood when i started was to put an exaggerated amount of weight on my front foot but not necessarily leaning forward. this helped me get good straight contact!
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