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Well Guys Thank you for your help and expert information!   I had many watchers and 5 bids. 3 were rejected because the were under $3000 I think I could have maybe got more but  I got $3150 from a great buyer who paid almost instantly. So I took it, not bad for a machine that sat in my closet for 4 years.   Also the buyer filters that were suggusted by you guys were extremely good and made this process smooth   Thanks again and You guys make this site worthwhile
I made it 10 days.  My Buy it nows I start anytime.  My auctions I start at  6 pm for the same reason you stated.    I sold a lot of things on Ebay, but I learned more from you in the 8 years I been on there. I am also glad Ebay is getting seller sensitive but they have a long way to go in the area.   Again thank you for all your input is was very helpful.
Thank You!   It is up on Ebay.     I followed your feedback on the bidders.  Not sure what to do now.   12 hours posted at  3500 or best offer 3 offers already. I may be too low on the starting point.   Not a bad problem to have!      Thank you again.    This is a great site and there are great people
I do a lot of Ebay. I learned a lot of great tips from the last post!  Thank you
Thank you for your help!   I just need to find a place or forum to sell it. I signed up for a Cameron Forum just waiting to be accepted. 
It's really in good shape and has the Futura adaptor  It's a numbered item #112    I think it's a collector piece!
Is there any market for the Scotty Cameron Loft/Lie Machine  #112
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