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I would think your arms being faster than your hips would be causing more hooks than your hips being too fast. I agree with the arms attached to body comment. It will keep things more in sync.
Thanks for the help...both of you. I had never really thought about cutting/fading a pitch or chip shot. I always assumed at such a slow swing speed such things didn't matter much. I am just getting into shot shaping so I'll see if I can replicate these chips and pitches on the practice greens this weekend. While I don't plan on attempting to hit these shots in a round, I think just knowing how they feel will help me sort this stuff out.   Thanks again!
What is your typical shot shape? A fade?
Thanks for the tip Zachari208.   Does the side spin to the right come from the spin on a chip/pitch shot that was a slight draw or a slight fade? I just wonder because I never see professionals hit pitch or chip shots with side spin even though I imagine it would be beneficial sometimes if they were able to control it.
8 feet not yards sorry
Hey guys I've noticed several of my low pitch shots have been kicking to the right when they land. They fly fairly straight but when they land its like they have side spin or something and roll out to the right 8 yards or so. I noticed this when they started to go against the slope and grain of the green. These shots have all been less than 40 yard shots and with a AW. More like a long chip than a pitch really. It doesn't happen all that often...maybe 2 or 3 times a...
Looks to me like your wrist is not flat at the top of your backswing. Appears it might be bent in such a way that leaves the club open at the top. Might try to keep the wrist flat at the top and see if that helps. I'm looking at this on my phone so can't see too much, but that's what stuck out to me most--besides weight transfer.
I'm not a great golfer by any means, so take what I say with a grain of salt. However, these are my observations.   It looks like your clubface is closed at the top of the backswing. If it remains closed at impact and you are still hitting a slice, then you must be swinging even more left than the club face is angled. This would cause the slice.   So you might try swinging "in to out" or to the right while remaining that closed club face and you will get either a...
I agree, because I'm sure it would take a crazy swing speed to be able to do it without wrist hinge. While I think I have a driver swing speed over 100mph, I definitely do NOT think even my fastest swing speed is over 120mph.   Since I bought clubs without getting fitted, I'm unsure how to get my swing speed accurately checked where I live. There is a Dick's Sporting Goods, an Academy Sports and Outdoors, and a Golf Galaxy. I'm unsure how accurate the first two would be...
Thanks everyone! I've been reading some other threads and looking at Youtube videos and I believe I am correct in assuming the wrist hinge or wrist cock is the bending of the wrist toward the thumbside forearm along the pinkie-thumb plane of the hand. That sounds confusing now that I've typed, but I think I got it.   I'm a picker of the ball and I think I haven't been maintaining my wrist hinge like most people who take proper divots do. Without slowmotion video it...
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