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Checked out your post I guess my question isn't which club do you not use Question is on average par 4 and par 5 holes and long par 3 holes From tee to green I usually hit driver then pw -58 wedge for par 4 And on par 5 usually driver than 16-20 hybrid then wedge if green is missed Long par 3 180-205. Use 16-20 hybrid Which leaves me rarely using 4-9 iron. Wondering if anyone else had similar issiues or Experiances like this. Making me wonder why I worry about my irons so...
Hey all. Ok 8-12 handicap I have noticed and tracked the last 10-15 rounds I have noticed that when getti g off the tee box like I am supposed to Seems my average shots are Driver hybrid ( wedge) if I come up short on par 5 On par 4 driver then pw or less Hardly ever hit my irons 4-9 except for a couple par 3s Typically seems like a carry a bag of oh what should I use When really don't use any of them that often What do you guys think how do your rounds go What clubs don't...
Rate your game as you see it
How do you rate importance of your game Driving 200-240 shots 175-200 shots 150 and in 100 and in Short pitches and chips Putting Just curious some times I think I worry too much a out that 200-230 shot and what to bag what to hit Has anyone ever broke down there rounds to see exactly where they are strongest and weakest What methods have you used Love to hear any and all responses
Playin miz mp 57 Wondering if anyone has any idea about iron set Little more forgiving in the 3-5. With some precision in the 6-pw Do ok now wondering what's out there for what I'm looking for Any suggestions would be great
So is it the way you swing or hit the ball that creates backs pin or is it the ball. How does one back the ball up
Just curious what do you find more critical to your game Mid- long irons or short. Irons on in I'm about a 10 handicap I have good days and bad I just started hitting driver this season and I have found my last 5-6 rounds I am hitting driver Then 8-9-pw sw etc. the use of 5 6 7 irons and hybrids have really come to hault I usually hit driver then 5 wood then short wedge. Really want to improve my driver and move back to blue tees just curious what you find a typical...
Does anyone know if the pros use range balls or are there buckets of pro v1 at there disposals just curious seems like I am always hitting range rocks
I game the pursuit m510 very good club very long Check your loft compared to the berthas you will see the c510 are more tradional so your probably a club down I found once I got used to my clubs about three holes in my seven iron is about 165 about 10 yards longer than I'm used to. 7-pw fly long straight and reliable. Very good club and feel. My 2 cents worth. I have there 5 wood 240 straight 4 hy 210 dead on 5 hy 190 very good clubs put against any buddies 600 dollar...
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