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Worst season ever as far as talent goes.. and I can't get over how manly Mary is.
Awesome special. What an amazing man... just can't believe how many cool stories that man can tell from his lifetime...
I agree 100%.I'm not a big Bubba fan by any stretch of the imagination but I do respect his passion for his family and the emotion he shows on course. When his son walked onto the 18th green, it was extremely powerful.. I'd shed some tears as well if it was me.
I forgot about Rickie Fowler and Gmac as well.
I haven't met any of the following but just based on what I've seen with interviews, fan interactions and demeanor on the course id have to go with the following: Kevin Streelman, so humble and polite. Kuchar, Stricker and of course Arnie.
2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8GT
Lol.. oops. All good
I'm always amazed at how they can keep it under wraps months after the show stops taping as far as the winner goes. Don't you think even a family member of the winner might accidentally let it slip?
Cool, good luck pal.Hitting up the simulator Monday.. BRING ON THE SEASON!!!! (Gladiator voice)
Thanks.. I haven't subscribed to it but I've been looking for a while and might do so. I'm glad to hear it helped you, I might wait and see where my game is at this summer and go from there as far as making some changes required.Regarding your hooks.. I had a similar problem with my driver. Keep in mind I'm a lefty but I was getting some nasty hooks and pull hooks.. What helped me was actually changing my grip slightly. Instead of the two hands forming a V to my left...
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