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It's natural to act defensive when another person tells you or your caddy to shutup. Miguel was in the wrong for saying that, Keegan shouldn't have got in his face and his caddy should've stayed out of the entire thing. Of course MAJ is allowed to challenge his opponents drop or have input but you just don't see it very often. All in all it made for some excitement and Todd Lewis from GC looked like he was a kid at a candy shop talking about it. Kinda wish Todd Lewis...
The flames will win the cup. You heard it here first!
Listening to Tom Abbott ranks up there with getting kicked in the sack for me. Cannot handle it. 
I am curious though if he had his caddie look out to make sure he's not driving into oncoming players. I wouldn't recommend this to amateurs but gotta hand it to him, he thought outside the box....... and hole...
Roger, thanks. Just thought it was odd since it's still a fairly new program and the 913 series isn't really old.
What an awesome friggin game! Down 3-0 in the first I thought we were toast.
I downloaded the app yesterday and noticed when setting up my clubs it didn't have any of the 913 series for Titleist..
I'm against it, get your own signature event. The only time this cowboy actually catches a few seconds of the LPGA is when Michelle Wie is bending over putting hoping for a malfunction in the skirt region. Other than that it does nothing for me!
Although it's unorthodox and pretty rare to see I have no problem with it. Was listening to people on Sirius today freaking out over it.. it's not against the rules.
Interesting mix of clubs and brands. Just hit the pings and fell in love or what?
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