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Saw Will Wilcox playing a yellow ball last week at Valspar.. not sure what kind of ball it was though. 
Honestly, who the hell cares if it's yellow? If someone was to approach me over this I'm pretty sure I'd leave with a criminal record. Too many stuck up farts in golf sometimes. 
Never even thought of it as an issue. I personally throw a yellow ball in once in a while to mix it up. If ProV1's had yellow or orange I'd be smacking those around all day. 
Yup, exactly. There's four major's a year. Even if he's a longshot to win one more, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take! - Gretzky :)
Amazing when you think about it... Tiger won 5 times just two years ago, PoY and now this... I personally don't want to see him retire anytime soon and just can't see him accepting that. Can't help but think he'd view it as a personal failure if he was to retire due to injuries..
I've worked super hard on transitioning the weight to my leading foot like suggested over the winter. I can see the extra yardage I'm getting for sure. Even though it's simulator numbers they're higher than what I was getting last year. Thought I'd post an update to how I'm doing and will upload a newer swing video. Great tips by Saevel. 
Clearly my vote for Jim Gallagher Jr., PGA TOUR didn't pan out.   Anyway, I'm not as bummed as some others are. Rory's the face of golf at the moment and why not cash in on that? It's not that EA Sports thinks Rory is better than Tiger was, just that Rory is the new era of golf. Believe it or not Tiger fans, it's true.  
I've only booked online maybe 3 or 4 times. Personally like calling to book. Also, it seems GolfNow doesn't have many options in the area I live in. 
Oh crap. Shoveling sucksssss! I'm guessing you got hit by the big storm in the East?
I think we might actually have a spring this year the way the warmth is coming in. Fingers crossed. Been trying to slim down during the winter.. curious to see how it'll affect my game. 
New Posts  All Forums: