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hahaha, that's the case here. Everyday I get reminded I'm failing myself by not having it. Damnit, someone go convince my wife to buy it for me... just don't touch her.
Are you considering the 913 at all? I think their fittings were the most impressive to be honest. Not to mention the variations of stock shafts you could play around with!
lmao, I was just about to post about it too hahahaha. I'm not putting a tag in the butthole I don't care what it says to do!
Awesome, thanks man. Plenty of tags.
Not sure if it has been mentioned already but does GameGolf replace lost tags? I can't help but think that they're probably not that hard to lose or fall out. Hope I'm wrong..
Wooohooooo! Awesome. Well done Erik, TST. He say anything about me?? :))
As expected though. Babe Ruth struck out once in a while too :))
Saevel thank you, I see exactly what you mean. Will have some work to do this week. I can point out three things right off the bat just watching the video you posted I'm doing incorrectly. Distance has always been an issue for me so hopefully the proper hip turn and forward lean will help out. Also, good read Phil, thank you.
Still pulling my shots :( I want to end the season on a good note.. it's not looking good so far lol
Colin, Tigs won't hate you for it. Pretty sure he thinks the exact same thing just won't admit it too much ;) I haven't seen someone drive the ball nearly as good as Rory has the last 5-10 years. We're talking extremely explosive distance and accuracy. His confidence is through the roof. Amazing.
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