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I just scroll to the bottom of the scoreboard to see where he's sitting. Although he's one of my all time favourites it's time for him to hang it up. He clearly can't compete out there for a full four rounds. 
Don't let that fool give you a false image of the site. He's just a condescending buffoon. I've enjoyed your posts Jack! Look forward to seeing more'
Overall, I enjoyed this US Open. Why? There was the usual drama about Mike Davis', new course style, difficult conditions/greens and it came down to a thrilling Sunday finish with great calibre golf being played.   It was nice to see Dustin Johnson carry and kiss his boy right after walking off the 18th hole. You can see a different side to him despite whatever his past was.    Jordan Spieth was a classy champion and it's etched into his DNA. He has that "it" factor...
Did anyone else absolutely love the protracer from the tee shots and fairways? I sure did. It wasn't once every 2 hours, it was almost every tee shot.
His immense confidence? You should really watch the clip again because you're immensely wrong.
You hate the fact that there was no commercials.. sure hope you're being sarcastic. 
lololol! Spieth isn't arrogant. Not one bit of what he said was cocky. You sound like a dictator with all the crushing. It's Golf. 
I didn't hear him say he's going to win all four majors this year but an elite athlete at the level he's at has to be confident. He's been the most consistent player on tour all year, won the first two majors so it's not crazy to think he could actually have a shot at winning all four. It's been done before, and it'll be done again.
They said earlier it's the lowest 9 hole round in US Open history.
All the buttheads that said they can't stand the tournament and won't watch anymore are probably still watching.. Chambers Bay provided a change.. and true entertainment which is exactly what Golf is for the viewer.
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