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I've only booked online maybe 3 or 4 times. Personally like calling to book. Also, it seems GolfNow doesn't have many options in the area I live in. 
Oh crap. Shoveling sucksssss! I'm guessing you got hit by the big storm in the East?
I think we might actually have a spring this year the way the warmth is coming in. Fingers crossed. Been trying to slim down during the winter.. curious to see how it'll affect my game. 
I feel your pain pal. Canada feels your pain.
Today was a true grind. Started off okay but penalties kicked my butt on a couple holes. Overall my GIR was spot on today, putting was average, tee shots on par 3's was terrible. This was the last round of the year :( Not the greatest score but overall I'm proud of the recoveries I made given certain situations I put myself in off the tee....
Supposedly there's the vapor and vapor flex. One has the ability to move the cg forward or back 2mm's to either reduce or increase spin. Interesting.. I'm not a big fan of the color but that's just cosmetics. Curious to see what shaft options they have or if they're going with the usual Kuro Kage
hahaha, that's the case here. Everyday I get reminded I'm failing myself by not having it. Damnit, someone go convince my wife to buy it for me... just don't touch her.
Are you considering the 913 at all? I think their fittings were the most impressive to be honest. Not to mention the variations of stock shafts you could play around with!
lmao, I was just about to post about it too hahahaha. I'm not putting a tag in the butthole I don't care what it says to do!
Awesome, thanks man. Plenty of tags.
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