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Those prices are XTREMEEEEE. Not really sure I like them.. can't imagine what clubs are going to look like in 10-15 years... scary. 
 There's a thread you can post your sincere thoughts in regards to this pressing issue.
That's exactly what they're doing, targeting. You're right, if the camera was focused as much on other players going through a rough time they'd catch quite a bit of F bombs or worse. Tiger could be 10 over on the back nine and still gets more camera time than players in actual contention to win the tournament. 
You have the ultra lightweight and the ping hoofer 14 way.. mind I ask why both new bags that were released around the same time?
Anyone have the 2014 or 2015 versions? Looking for some input on them. Not much to go off of online as far as reviews go so I thought I'd ask here. I have a cart bag that is quite heavy and I'm looking to get something lighter on the side. It's either between this or the Ping 4 Series or Ping Hoofer.   This is the 2015 version I'm looking to get:  
This. Also, whether people like to hear it or not the media plays a part in the development of a "name" player just by the spotlight put on players constantly. 
I don't think so personally. He's been a great ambassador for the game to younger fans, I think that's just one of the reasons for the attention. His performance has been stellar since his swing change with Butch. The results weren't wins but you can't overlook his finishes in the majors and OWGR.
Well it was a good run by Calgary but Anaheim is just too good this year. Heck, at the start of the season I didn't even think we'd make the playoffs because of the rebuild but this team has been magical all year. Been fun, hope the Canadiens win now.
For someone that likes to complain about TST people you still post here, making you a TST person. A moderator tells you to take it easy and stop making everything a political argument and instead your rebuttal is piss off. The forum is full of helpful and tolerant people, if you want to be the 1% and continue being a prick then pound sand.
New Posts  All Forums: