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Been on holidays but have been following the last three events. Holy man, Rory is the real deal. Awesome to see Sergio and Rickie playing so well. What stands out the most for me is Rickie.. he's such a professional. True role model for the new era coming up. Some great golf being played this week.
Nice round today, 82 on 117/68.1 - 5967 yds   Double bogeyed the last hole.. was quite the let down....
I just don't get it.. look at him. I demand mvmac's post to be requoted over and over..
Played 36 holes for the first time in a looong time on Sunday.   First 18: Played an incredibly hard course, struggled to a 91. Couldn't hit a green in regulation for the life of me. Greenside chipping was horrendous as well.   Second 18: Played a bit better, hit lots of fairways, shot a 86. Par 3's were my nemesis.. double bogeyed a few of them.
Haha, my guess is also no. Wonder if Tiger still thinks Poulter is a mooch... guess is yes.
6591 Yards, 71.8/134 - Score: 87   Terrible approach shots today. Chipping greenside or in the bunkers make it hard to get birdies and par's :D
Okay sounds good I'll do that. Thanks
Done :)   Absolutely love the website, there really isn't anything that's not covered. Anytime I'm looking to work on something I search to see if there's a thread about it and sure enough there is. Couldn't ask for more. Keep up the great work guys.
That's good to hear, I hit it today after picking it up. I can honestly say this shaft is doing EXACTLY what I wanted. I've successfully gained spin and a much higher flight. Super excited to put it in play on the course tomorrow morning. The shaft is playing to a true stiff flex as well. Great looks and performance so far on the simulator is looking awesome.  A steal of a deal for $120 :) Now to figure out what to do with my stock TFC shaft lol... might just use it as an...
Hahahahahaha loved it. Looking forward to seeing more. I wish they'd call out Amanda Dufner and Paulina :)
New Posts  All Forums: