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Interesting.. didn't know that!
Golf hax.
 Mark Crossfield released his review on GameGolf just yesterday, should answer most your questions. And yes, as covered in this thread there's no doubt it will help the average golfer if not scratch golfers. You can see where your misses are consistently and you get to dissect your game. It's a lot more stats and details compared to your phone app I can assure you.
I personally have never really been a big of DJ but that's not to say he's tackling his demons and getting help for it. You hear about the rumors of infidelity that were quite well known within the tour circle and it makes you wonder how it didn't get out earlier. Supposedly he broke up a marriage of a current player on tour as well... if it's already been talked about then my apologies.. came into the thread kind of late.
@iacas and @mvmac well done!   I've been away lots this summer but got hooked on the concept of Game Golf and that's all I could think about the last few days. I've been watching reviews and this is exactly what I wanted. I'm putting this bad boy on my wife's shopping list for me :)   Thanks for the feedback!
You and me both brother. I know the comparisons are constant and starting to get annoying but the last player I can remember that dominated in the same fashion was Tiger. Do I think he's the next tiger? No. But he's extremely entertaining to watch each week which is bringing more and more viewers to the game.
The good thing is he's actually making it quite clear through media interviews that he doesn't think he is the next tiger but shows he's just as classy and humble off the course as he is on the course. Great role model and if he's the new face of golf, the PGA Tour couldn't ask for a better person.
Been on holidays but have been following the last three events. Holy man, Rory is the real deal. Awesome to see Sergio and Rickie playing so well. What stands out the most for me is Rickie.. he's such a professional. True role model for the new era coming up. Some great golf being played this week.
Nice round today, 82 on 117/68.1 - 5967 yds   Double bogeyed the last hole.. was quite the let down....
I just don't get it.. look at him. I demand mvmac's post to be requoted over and over..
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