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While the ball is rolling.
Laura Davies.
28 Stableford points.
I try to play twice a week, 52 weeks a year. Even I don't get the time to practice in between rounds. I'm going out tomorrow morning without swinging a club for a week which I'm sure will be disastrous. But, it's still better than not playing!
Axing Norman as the captain because he prefers Omega to Rolex is a joke. Sad that he will no longer involved in the tournament.
Vr Tw Blades are sweet :)
In my fitting it came down to the razr and the 913, I only went for the Titleist for it's bigger head. Averaged further distance on off centre hits.
So I went to my driver fitting yesterday with my heart set on yhe SLDR. I tested it, PING G25, Callaway Razr fit and the Titleist 913. It was ruled out in the first round of hitting averages which surprised me. Get a proper fitting. I went from hitting a Taylormade Rbz 10.5 in stiff and averaging 285 yards, 18 degree launch and 3900 rpm of spin with a 115 club head speed. My fitter found me 15+ yards more with an average from 305-299. My new Titleist 913 is set at 8.75...
All distances in metres, I'll use google for the rough estimates in yards. Driver: 250 carry (275) 3Wood: 220-230 carry (245) 3I: 205 (225) 4I: 195 (215) 5I: 180 (195) 6I: 170 (185) 7I: 155 (170) 8I: 140 (155) 9I: 135 (147) PW: 120 (130) 52*: 105 (115) 56*: 90 (100) 60*: 80 (87)
That's only 200m right? I suppose you're right, if there is any sort of breeze hurting I'm hitting my 17* rescue haha.
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