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Well, I'm just SOL all around I guess.   TW14 is not available for download on XBL....and I really don't want to have to go out and buy a physical copy.....I will if I have to.   I'm unable to locate "The Sand Trap CC" on XBL. I only get "The Sand Trap". Maybe it's because I have TW13?    
  I joined "The Sand Trap" on XBL...there's only 2 of us: Joe Diver (me) and ima g3t u sucka (GM)   Is this the correct XBL version CC for us?
  No....not yet on XBL....only the free demo, a bunch of courses, a 14 course pack and the Masters Edition upgrade. The full version of the game is not yet available for download on Xbox Live Store.
I joined The Sand Trap CC....but I'm still waiting to be able to buy the game. I see that it's released....but only the Demo is available for download.   I prefer to download games I'm gonna keep, plus I like not having to put a disc in to play.
  I'll be picking up my copy soon. I'll go ahead and spring for the Masters just so I'll have it. If anyone wants to meetup online and play, I'm in depending on the time of day and evening plans of course. If someone wants to create the Sand Trap CC that would be cool too.   I play the game in a more natural mode. I don't exploit all the features, bumps, and tricks......so I don't bother going online to play in tournaments because those guys pretty much live to play the...
Greetings everyone.   I've always had an interest in Golf, but have only recently taken enough interest to actually try and learn to play. I'm 47, so starting a bit later in life, but that doesn't matter really as that's not what it's about. I also have a sailboat and I enjoy spending time out on the lake, or even just tied up in my slip at the marina.    I've gone to the driving range a few times, and I can get the ball in the air maybe 7 out of 10 times. I...
New Posts  All Forums: