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Thank you for the replies gentlemen.
My 3 wood is a Taylormade burner, old school bubble shaft. When its pure I hit about 200-220 off the deck, further off the tee of course. I currently play a Taylormade superfast 2.0 driver, which I like. What are some good models to consider ? I do prefer Taylormade but am flexible on the brand. Thank you for any info .
Thank you everyone for the insight. I will try out the suggestions as well as get a playing lesson. I live in central Texas if anyone wants to join me for a round.
I am new to the forum, but am 43 and have lifted weights for some time. You obviously have a long life ahead of you, and you like to compete. Fitness will always help you overcome many things. You seem to have a great attitude and with proper training you will be a very good golfer.
Hello everyone, I live in central Texas, am 43 yrs. old, returning to the game after a 8 year lay off. I play at least once a week. I have upgraded my equipment to what I think is good. I play the Ping g-20 irons, a Taylormade super fast driver, an older taylormade 3 wood and Cleveland sand wedge(oldies but goodies), and Rossie 2 putter. I would like to play as goos as I did 8 years ago, I have been back for about 6 months, but my progress is limited. I am open to any...
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