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Hello Sandtrap,   I don't post here often but hope I can gain some advice, or specifically start a discussion on the subject.    I have experimenting with different ways of gripping the club. Currently my grip is a strong 2.5-3 knuckles on my left hand and weaker right hand (My right hand V points closer to my chin than my right shoulder). I mention this because I figure this will be relevant to the conversation.   I've noticed that when I have my right...
  How is Rory coming back to form? A T8 from behind in a no-cut event? I guess, if you insist.        I can name another golfer, with 18 majors by the way, who played ALOT of cuts.    I'll say he will be there by Bay Hill though, to answer the OP question. 
What's up Sand Trap!   Just joined today, 22 Handicap in Charleston, SC. I've always looked at this site for years but had to join TODAY because of this discussion. (usually just like to read the comments, rather than comment myself).    As someone who has just picked up this great game, I'm very torn on this issue. I think it's a sad state of affairs in the game.    First, if the USGA wants to ban anchoring (which is fine by me because they are not banning...
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