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I currently play my 3 wood at the D-1 setting
titleist 910h used, corbra baffler, mizuno, nike vr pro used, cleveland mashie. adams v4.
Dci's are nice irons. Get other clubs.
I have a 107 swing speed and use a 9.5 and a stiff Project X 6.0 shaft. Shaft has a lot to do with launch angle, sometimes.
For me the only people that have chances this year at winning the masters is... Tiger or Sneds.. maybe Kuchar or Mickelson
Well said. I do the exact same. But I do find playing by myself isnt "as fun" because when I play with others I like the competitive feeling and then golf becomes a "game".
Par 3 180 yards. Wind in my face about 15 mph. Hit ball dead straight and hard and lands softly 8 feet out. Shot a 78.
Agreed! Nxt and the V2 are very comparable but I like to hit the ball straight and long and the wedge spin is similar to the nxt if hit right. V2 is a steal! I found them for $13 buck a dozen at walmart.
my 56 mizuno weighs alot more than my 60 mizuno.
I would ask your local golf pro and see if he has the tools to do it. Dont let the shaft flex get in your head. If you cant afford it than you cant afford new shafts. Save Save Save.
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