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OK I cannot for the life of me find the edit button, but I was looking for my loft on my pw and stumble across this http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/523207-r11-irons-personal-review/ I know its not super helpful but its a few more opinions.
I am about a 15 handicapper (I don't actually keep an official one) and I purchased the r11's 3-pw in August, and again in October, but that is a story for another time. I really love them, I was playing Taylormade Burners and I got fitted for these. I think they feel great, and they look really good too, not too overdone like a lot of the Taylormade gear. They are pretty forgiving, not the most forgiving though. I use kbs C-taper shafts in mine. I have absolutely no...
Howdy everyone, I have been reading around on the forums for a bit and decided to make an account. I am currently in my second semester of my junior year at college in Tacoma. I am from the Issaquah area. I am currently a member of my schools golf team which doesn't mean much since we are d3, but its free golf so hey I'll take it. I currently shoot low to mid 80s.
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