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Do they actually make those clubs??
Sounds like this guy needs to start playing with another group. I am sure you all will only miss him for a short while.
I go play alone a lot. I just moved to NC from Virginia and I don't know anyone here so I play all the time and sometimes get paired with a 2 some or 3 some and have a great time. It's all about playing the game, It is more fun with someone though
I live close to these in Virginia so I am a bit lucky there   Mattaponi in Virginia Golden Horseshoe Gold course Tobacco Road Kingsmill TPC myrtle Beach
They have made money off me. Never had a problem with them at all. Good customer service. All I can say is Too legit to quit. I use them a lot
I have bought off Ebay from 3balls golf and house of golf and 2nd swing with no problems at all
We are headed down this week 4-18-21 and are playing Kilmarlic, Nags Head, Carolina and Currituck. Hotel for 3 nights and golf $393 per person. Looking forward to it and thanks ahead for all you guys comments.
Barefoot course are great, I have put together trips to Myrtle for 10 years and we have played over 70 courses. There are some to stay away from, I really did not care for Wicked Stick, the Daly course. Man O' War is nice,but the top notches are Traditions, International , TPC, Thistle, True Blue makes you fall in love with golf even more and Caldonia.
Tradition is one of the absolute best courses there, Blackmoor is top notch also. If you get north try Thistle. Pearl and maybe Crow Creek
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