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Finally got back down to my 6 handicap. It's been awhile.chipped in for birdie on the first hole and birdied the second hole as well.got two other birds and ended up with a 77. Also missed 6 other birdie putts, that woulda been a nice round if I could have sunk them
Par 5. , 519 yard . Hit my drive slightly downhill 347 yards and bombed it. Right side of fairway with a small branch in my way.about 172 to the pin. Took a 9 iron and cut one down hill and rolled up past the pin about 25' away. No movement on the putt and sank it for eagle.
Almost dunked a 122 yd par 3 for an ace yesterday. It pancaked 14" in front of the cup
I was -1 on the 12th hole and it started raining and lightning.Never got to finish. One of my best rounds ever and couldn't even play the last 6 holes .I missed 6 other birdie putts but still held it together to stay below par
The past two seasons I was about a 6 handicap. Now I suck and can't hit the ball. I just wanted to throw that out there and let everybody know. I use to hit 300+ us drives now they fade to maybe 260 on a good day. Long irons fade awefully , short irons are spot on with good distance. Wtf Three weeks of misery .probably the wrong area to post this but I thought I would share my agony with everyone .
4 birdies in a row is pretty sweet. I've only got 3 in a row once before. But this week I did something I've never done before. I hit the last 14 greens in regulation to set up for 14 birdie attempts In a row . I putt very well but missed all 14 birdie putts by a fraction. I could have been 9 under . Oh well. At least I parred them all. I'm hoping to continue that .
260 yard par 4. Nice easy swing with my 3 wood .Ball sticks 8' from the cup. Yes , choked on the eagle putt and made the birdie. I'm about 4/50 on eagle Putts this year.
Figured it out. I was standing about 3" too far away from the ball and reaching for it. Hence, topping the ball. It really helps to put tape on the club head to see where your making contact...
It definitely feels now like my legs and hips aren't doing what they are suppose to be doing.I practice every day and the only time I can get off a good driver shot is when I only think about swinging, not hitting the ball. I was clocked at 138 mph driver club head speed. So I have a tendency yo always swing hard. I'm thinking that I can afford to slow my swing down to get a better rhythm. Question: when i start my down swing , should my hips be unloaded before my upper...
I hit a few balls and I think I wasn't rotating properly. I'm swinging all arms. Does that sound right? Now I think its just tempo
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