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  I don't know how to cut the quote down to a certain section, but in response to your last sentence or so, do you think that after you're established and everyone knows you in the area that you change how lenient you are, or do you always keep that lenient approach?   And for the handicap guys, yes I'd say typo but it I don't know if that is the right term because it was actually my voice commands on the phone that interpreted my words wrong. Google is incredible, but I...
Thanks for all the info guys. I'm thinking I may make an alteration where you get one non-charged late cancel lesson without an emergency excuse. I brought this up because I had a guy get mad at me, and it seems like I may make more money in the long run if I tweak my policy a bit to keep 'em coming back even if I do take a loss for that one session.  
Yes, sorry that is what i meant. I dont think it is overly generous because I know that if I received a last minute cancellation I would feel like I should be compensated for setting aside my time for nothing as a customer.
I agree with that first part, that's why if I need to cancel for any reason within that 24 hours, I will credit the cost of the lesson. So the next one is on me. I think it goes both ways though.   I'm trying to figure out how many people would stop seeing an instructor though so I can figure out if it's worth it in the long run to just let it slide in order to keep them coming to me, or if it is worth it to charge them for cancellations because they will stick around...
I've had to charge a few people in the past when they didn't show up for a lesson or cancelled on really short notice without a very good excuse. My normal policy is 24 hours, or if you have a family emergency you can cancel within 24 hours free of charge. Outside of that, I charge the full rate because I lost that money when I could have had someone else take that spot had I received more notice.   I'm wondering if any of you have been charged like that and it...
Aviara is great. If you can swing the out of town cost, go for Torrey Pines though.  
Is there a link to somewhere that describes the workout?  
Other than being an all-around entertaining website, this guy followed a non medicated plan that worked for him to raise his T: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/01/18/how-to-increase-testosterone-naturally/  
I think most people prefer to walk except when time is a real concern. If they play slower than the average, they need to make up for it somehow. This usually applies to the older set, or the newest players.  
Well that evolvr site is pretty interesting. Those prices aren't far off from the less expensive options around here, so I guess it varies.  
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