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This set up alone has helped my driver tremendously. Used to pull / pull slice and now I'm hitting nice push draws with the miss being a rare push - rarely pull. Has changed my game big time.Still working on this with irons, but need to set up neutral, and set that way dynamically. Otherwise, I don't feel like hitting down for some reason.
Thanks mvmac!After reviewing that thread, I would say that I'm not understanding what "balls of your feet" are. Seems like pros are more on their middle of their feet (arches) rather than ball of their feet - I will try that next time on the course.What about the swing itself, am I over the top, or anything else I can try to adress?
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: low 100s My typical ball flight is: pull (driver) / hook (irons) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull with driver, hook with irons Hello All, Hope I'm doing this right and want to apologize in advance for any grammar / typos as I'm posting from my mobile device. The below link is the only video I have and its from top golf (tough to record yourself on the...
I think I just had an epiphany. I always stand pretty straight up on bunker shots. Instructions always say to squat down, but never mention why - I think this video clearly shows how squatting down promotes a shallow angle of attack to the ball. Gonna have to remember that next time I'm in a bunker!
I play with an open stance and my ball flight is either a draw, or straight. A few hooks. I set up square, then kinda dance to an open stance while my club stays still hovered behind the ball. This is only with driver. Cannot figure it out with irons - although, irons are my biggest struggle right now.
Hey there!They honestly feel the same, but I wouldn't wear the mesh on morning rounds when the fairways are still pretty damp - don't wanna stain the cloth on it.I could imagine the spiked versions would have better grip in the morning as well.
Wanted to bump this thread and post that I absolutely love these shoes. So comfortable and do their job. Ordered the white spiked version but then ordered the charcoal mesh spikeless for the hot steaming summer time in Houston. Heck, they're so comfortable, I may make the mesh one my casual / daily shoes - just don't wanna wear the rubber nubs out. Definitely we'll worth it. Not sure if I can post it, but ordered both of them for about $60 each.
Sweet just joined (TKO). Now to figure out how this works...I've done fantasy football for years, but this is a little different.
Too late to join?
So, just went to the range today and had the best session ever. I could not get anything pushed right (in to out) but went back to what I thought was just a bandaid, but apparently Hogan set up this way - closed stance. I started by exaggerating my closed stance and swung...beautiful push draw. I understand I'm more than likely hitting a pull draw, but it hugs the outer edge of the fairway, then draws back in and FAR. It was at least 270 yards out with little to no...
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