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How do you like 7-gw irons in the a12os set . Especially around green area?
Love Rocketballz stage 2 3 wood HL & 5 wood HL got mine off Ebay from twogrooveslow bought both for 140.00 demo clubs excellent shape. Love the clubs performs well hit my 5 wood off a uphill lie 175 out green was uphill stuck green and stayed.
Hit both well I need more launch I feel. Have Di11 wilson steel shaft now normal round 90-94. But have problems with launch I personally like higher ball flight I cannot get these to hold a green. Also going with graphite shafts because of wrist and hand injuries. Thanks look foward to your input.
Getting new set of irons. Any opinions on these 2 sets? Thanks.
Just got back from playing The Traces Golf Club played Meadows/Woodlands course very tight found 11 of 14 fairways other 3 drives playable. Also got great distance on drives I don't know if it was confidence or just swinging better normal avg drive 225 with duo and 240. One thing still trying to learn irons distance with this ball hitting avg 10 to 15 yards further with duo. Thanks for your feedback. Ball Ratings 1. Wilson Duo / 2. Callaway Diablo HX / 3.Bridgestone e6 &...
Hit it long and straight of tee still trying to get use to irons had a couple of real flyers today most was 10 yes longer had a couple go 20 yds further.
Hitting Callaway Diablo and Wilson elite 50 right now. Thanks for insight
My swing speed is between 78-82 mph and my worst shot was side spin was 362R. The sales assoc. told me that ball would still be extremely playable. Is this a true statement? I was demo-ing the cobra amp cell 2013 currently I have a k15 ping hit it about 200-210 with cobra 210-227. Any comments would be appreciated just started playing 2 yrs ago try to go to range at least once a week and play twice a month but I love the game.
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