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Looking for reviews of these clubs. Thanks
Just got back from course LOVED it I hit 9 out of 14 fairways but other 5 was just on left of fairway could have easily been 100% no duck hooks just barely off fairway. Swing easy and watch it fly found if I tried to muscle it was a draw. Hope this helps. Oh hit one of heel still rolled out 210 yards down middle.
Just got back back from course the new duo is marshmellow soft not in a bad way feels like you can crush it. When I purchased them they gave me 2pk. Sample of the Chrome Soft this ball is sick good it stops on a dime and distance is amazing.
I just purchased a 16' seems like fairway finder. What are your experiences & gameplay with this club?
Want to hear about your experience of gameplay with this ball.
How do you like 7-gw irons in the a12os set . Especially around green area?
Love Rocketballz stage 2 3 wood HL & 5 wood HL got mine off Ebay from twogrooveslow bought both for 140.00 demo clubs excellent shape. Love the clubs performs well hit my 5 wood off a uphill lie 175 out green was uphill stuck green and stayed.
Hit both well I need more launch I feel. Have Di11 wilson steel shaft now normal round 90-94. But have problems with launch I personally like higher ball flight I cannot get these to hold a green. Also going with graphite shafts because of wrist and hand injuries. Thanks look foward to your input.
Getting new set of irons. Any opinions on these 2 sets? Thanks.
Just got back from playing The Traces Golf Club played Meadows/Woodlands course very tight found 11 of 14 fairways other 3 drives playable. Also got great distance on drives I don't know if it was confidence or just swinging better normal avg drive 225 with duo and 240. One thing still trying to learn irons distance with this ball hitting avg 10 to 15 yards further with duo. Thanks for your feedback. Ball Ratings 1. Wilson Duo / 2. Callaway Diablo HX / 3.Bridgestone e6 &...
New Posts  All Forums: