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I agree. All I am saying is those thought of as SBST are simply putting is a much smaller arc. The Ping TR putter I was fitted for and the ones in that series are available in three versions, Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc. Maybe using the terms Slight Arc, Standard Arc and Strong Arc would have been more accurate.
Isn't it a matter of degrees? I agree there is no actual SBST stroke but there are strokes, mine for instance, that open/closes to a lesser degree than true arc paths. I have been fit twice at Ping and had nominal movement (2-4 degrees) where I was told the average arc is more like 7-9 degrees and extreme arcs 11+ degrees. I am not saying one is better than another just that differences exist. It is also my understanding that if you are attempting to putt SBST you should...
I started playing again about 7 months ago after about a 2 year layoff. I obviously got older and also heavier and I have lost a club length across the board. Driver - 225 to 245 4 Wood - 205 to 215 3 Hybrid - 185 4 Hybrid - 175 5 Hybrid - 165 6 iron - 150 7 iron - 140 8 iron - 130 9 iron - 120 PW - 110 GW - 100 54 degree - 85 58 degree - 70
I have read more than once that 2 3/4 tees were for drivers under 360 cc and the 31/4 for drivers over 360 cc. The same recommendation as say that the center point of the ball should be even with the top of the driver which would then seem to make sense out of using. The 3 1/4 for most of today's drivers. But in the end I suppose it is really a matter of personal preference.
After the opinions posted here and elsewhere and communicating with the Arizona Golf Association it is pretty clear that the sweeping method by any means is indeed an infraction of the rules. From now on it will strictly be picking up those little intrusive suckers and I hope I don't have many chances soon as I play a course with some of the worst waste areas in about three hours.
Playing in the desert in Arizona many courses have areas off the closely mowed grass (fairway and rough) that are commonly referred to as waste areas. These areas can be natural or landscaped desert. They are not hazard areas but part of the course. Many times in these areas are lots of small pebbles/stones that are loose upon the ground and not embedded in the soil. Typically I have seen other players and I have myself brushed aside these pebbles/stones directly behind...
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