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Nice swing. Maybe your on your heels little? Sometimes if you come out of it or don't drop the club enough in the down swing. Does the butt of the club at set up point to your belt. Might help flatten the swing a little. What do you think.
Just bought my brother G25 irons. He's specs are 2 degrees strong, so he hits them far and Ping has plenty of bounce. I own a set of AP1 and think they are awesome. Good feel, not shovels and forgiving too. I just ordered Ping Anser irons. Maybe best of both worlds? I liked looking down at them and they felt better than the AP1 or G25. Hit the piss out of them too. AP2 712 is great feeling iron, but they have weak lofts (PW47). AP1 will go around 7 yards farther...
Best to do what comes natural to you. Turn and get the left shoulder under your chin and stop and see where your club is. If its closed then you are not rotating at all. It shouldn't be a swing thought as that part should be natural. Your swing thoughts should be more full turn. Then of course you should have already decided on the type of down swing your trying to execute
MP64 are solid. Also like the Titleist CB.
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