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Thanks for the reply, Shooter.     I have worked for Junior golf camps in the past and I was incredibly frustrated by the generic lessons that we were providing rather than treating each swing differently.  Ever since working there I have maintained that every swing is different and can remain different and be successful.  Jim Furyk is an obvious example of this.  If you find that your coach is teaching you the same thing he's teaching everyone else, it's time to...
Thanks for the reply, BirlyShirly.  Love the name too.     I find that an extra set of eyes is incredibly important.  The golf swing is almost entirely 'feel', but some days it feels like the club is coming 'inside' on the take away, when in reality it is exactly the opposite.  Glad to hear that after 3 lessons you are seeing improvements.  There is a lot that can be learned by reading magazines and forums about golf, but each swing is different and you need to find...
Just curious about who is taking golf lessons out there and what you like or don't like about them.  Are you seeing improvements?  What is the most helpful aspect of taking a professional lesson?  
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