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yes I have... I phoned Acushnet Europe, Acushnet USA.. I tried Ebay worldwide, Ironfinder... and so on... No result...
Hi everyone, I live in France, and to be honest, there is no club stock here at all... We aren't that many to play, and if you look for some vintage or old clubs, there's no other choice than visiting English or American websites.... I play a set of Titleist ZB forged (3 to PW), TT dynamic gold S300 shafted, and I am desperately looking for the 2 iron.. In fact, I've been looking for it for months... and nothing!!! I've tried all sorts of websites... Now I've given...
Hi, to be honest, I feel jealous... we don't have here in France, such a huge choice you guys have in America... I am looking for the Apex plus 2 iron... Do you use yours? Would you sel it to me???
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