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Very solid idea you have there. One of each type of hole would be fair.
First of all... Please stop the elimination holes where they only have to chip / putt. Short game may be important, no argument there, BUT IT IS NOT GOLF! Just because someone can out chip someone doesn't mean anything. It's all about the game as a whole. A great drive an lead to a shorter approach, a great approach can lead to no chipping at all. I said it before, I will again, please full holes only for elimination! Otherwise we are not getting true representation of who...
Mary played solid during elimination..., but it was three shots so not a lot of golf there... Feel like Tonya would have beaten her given more holes. Moving forward: Sadena still seems to be the favorite, but I will give Renee the advantage in most elimination challenges being that she has the experience now whereas most of the other girls still around have not.
Here is something else you may or may not know: Matt Every was a past Big Breaker.
I gotta side with @iacas on this one.... Tiger is just a dude amongst dudes, and the swearing he does isn't nearly what you would hear if you had a mic on my buddies and I when we hit bad shots, good shots, or are just doing shots. Now put a normal guy under the pressure Tiger is under, have them hit a shot they know is below them after practicing for years on end, and see how they react. I guess I just don't mind the swearing, makes players seem more human and relatable.
Wow, good find lol.
I don't mind it, there are times when I don't know what shot they are on in relation to par (not very often) and it helps. Def no harm having more information up...
Agreed. Nobody showed up to play today, I found myself yelling at the tv "someone do something!"I'm happy for the winner and he out performed the competition in the end, but 4 out of 14 fairways Matt K? Comon man.
Agreed, this is def hard because both could/should happen.I will say this... If Tiger gets back in good health I think he has a better chance of winning 2 than Rory 6.However, considering right now I don't even know if Tiger is going to make it to the masters....
Very much appreciated, I will get to work. :)
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