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I have to agree. I get your point, people assume old distance and use simulator distance for new club, that don't work, but if you hit both on sim and one says it's longer, it should be longer....
I have driver, 3w (15) and 3hy (19) works perfectly. 5w got replaced because basically the same club, but harder to hit out of rough, etc. Would recommend 3 or 4 wood. Or 2 hybrid
I would highly recommend at least giving it a try (free to goto store and hit some anyways)I just went in with an open mind I guess, but that was not what I suspected was going to happen that's for sure.3 years ago I traded my 10.5 regular for a 9.5 stiff, I wouldn't believe it if you told me 3 years later to I would be 11 degrees and regular!
Went and was fitted for a new driver today. I have a TM Superfast 9.5 loft / stiff flex and wanted to see if technology has advanced enough to justify getting something new. So off to golf store to hit new drivers with my own on the simulator. I hit about every new brand with 9.5 stiff flex and really wasn't seeing much of a difference. Ready to leave, a pro came up to me and informed me I was using the wrong setup. He gave new the new nike covert with a regular flex...
Rory Mcillroy -2 S. Noh -2 R. Knox -2
My thought would be that assuming the cart part is like basically every other cart path on the planet and goes next to the tee box, your dude should have to pay assuming the device worked in the first place. With this said, it was broke already, I get you broke it worse, but maybe a compromise of meeting in the middle would suffice. Regarding not paying if they ask you to: this is fine and dandy, they aren't going to come after you. As stated that would cost more than...
Too bad Renee couldn't have made to the finals, maybe we would have actually had a match. They must have said " all she has do to is chip in and the pressure will be on" about 3 times... I'm thinking "she isn't going to chip in, just shut up" lol
Sedena probably would have done real well this week with the 2 par 5s too
Dang... Rooting for Renee and Jackie final. Don't think it's going to be much of a match now. But could be wrong
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