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A player who wins the Masters asking his caddy for help with the winning putt because it’s too dark to see the line? And… Imagine Stevie’s excitement if in fact his advice resulted in Adam Scott’s successful and winning putt.   The image of Stevie (with an enormous grin) running towards AS after the winning putt will live a very long time.   Adam Scott is popular. Stevie is not popular, and in fact is disliked. Adam Scott is not likely to switch his caddy after...
Steve Stricker’s average drive distance is 286 yards.   --Spike
Best reply so far. You understand.
The LPGA dies a slow death as the fan base drops and the tour is dominated by Asian players.   Stacy Lewis’ win changes this, and that is why the LPGA is so interested in this very young player.   --Spike   ============= BTW: I enjoy watching Asian female golfers. They are very disiplined, and they are consistent. There is a potential for greatness with every player.
Russia has a history with focus on gymnastics and winter sports. The country’s climate is not favorable to warm-weather sports. If Russia did decide fostering  golf, they would be near the top (as they always are when putting effort into a sport).   --Spike
One good thing for Rory Mcllroy… His dentist will give him a written excuse.   If in fact it is a problem with his GF, he won’t get any excuse from anyone, and will need to fabricate a “cover-up.” This is where it gets ugly.   --Spike
I have the Garmin Approach S1 wrist gps. I really like the device. It only provides distance to the green (front/middle/back), but that is all I need.   1) My batteries last about 36 holes 2) The Garmin comes with thousands of courses pre-loaded. 3) It’s very accurate. I’ve compared this against a laser rangefinder. 4) It’s definitely worth the price.
Sore in layman's terms can mean anything, but much less than Mcllroy was enduring.   As a health practitioner reading Rory's account of the problem, I would guess it was serious. Rory is a tough kid and a professional who manages injury quite well. He is capable of playing in pain. This time it got worse than he expected, which is common with pericoronitis. Fever and dehydration go together, and the two limit physical activity (especially sports such as golf that require...
Well, if he said it was an infection of a wisdom tooth; and it wasn’t, then he was lying (and extensibly cheating) to get out of playing the rest of the tournament.   This sport does not tolerate cheaters.   …oh oh… It’s time to do recovery (An apology is coming?).
I don’t think we agree on the potential severity of the infection that Mr. Mcllroy was enduring. A moderate to severe pericoronitis infection causes a fever and dehydration, and in the case of a systemic infection (which is common), the patient feels just awful. They are unable to concentrate or perform physical tasks, and they certainly would not be able to execute great golf shots.   --Spike
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