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That you are coming over the top and not swing down the target line. When you address the ball try a slight flare with your foot if you are a righty. Then if you divots goes to the right widen your stance and that another swing. Remember the stance should be should width. To narrow of a stance will create the over the top motion
Keep in mind that a well struck ball comes from the a angle of attack. So, if you use the wrist you are slapping at the ball; which could cause fat shots.
When you are rotating on the downswing there should be a small delay which if you are a right hand ball striker at contact your left back pocket should be visible. Once the contact is made your lower body continues to turn unit you reach your follow though finish.I you download the V1 app onto your smartphone you shall see the pro's and the body rotations.
Reaching 270 yards happens more often than sometime we image especially for low handicapers. If you generated 100+ss alone with center mass contact then 270 becomes 270++++.I am honestly fairly long and a consistant ball striker, however doing a instruction session I was fine turning my 3-wood and completly blistering the ball with 113 ss, but  my impact was just right of center closer to the toe.Neither the less after some minor adjustment my next swing with the...
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It"s kind hard to believe that 80% swing tempo equates to 112 mph clubhead speed on the PGA. So,a solid player like Matt Kuchar who average 270ish off the tee leaves 20% of his swing on the table to be ranked 100 in driving distance.Uuummm. When it come to iron play yes 80% drivers and fairway metal 100%. I like the trsckman statement
I am 42 years old and I truly avg. 294 off the tee box.I practice about 10 to 12 hours a week mostly on rotating the upper torsil , proper hinge of the wrist, and creating a lag. I hit a 336 yard drive in a golftec session and the representative lost his cool by hugging me. Before the question is ask I am 5'10 and 220 and athelic. But takes more than these quality to get you there.
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