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    My first video was recorded on April 7th   This swing was recorded on march 4th 12.58pm from my swing reader app!   From here on was trying to manage my tempo , and of course impact position! Big headache but slowly!   My biggest problem would be the longer irons once i lose my tempo and try to swing faster and harder mistakes appear!   Any idea how to improve? more solid consistent striking   thanks!
haha i'm not from iceland! i'll upload my old lousy swings soon!
hey how are you?   Just saw your very first "My Swing" and of course the latest one posted about a month ago,   Since you're such a profound English educator , why can't you learn how to shift your weight and turn your hips fully within the 519 days (1 year, 5 months, 2 days) that you have been practicing and learning from this forum? Show me how much YOU can learn from around here?    *shrugs*
haha spot-on , putting especially..
QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (i don't play off 24 (face-palm).....)
then again you're accusing me , is this a practice in this forum? if not why do you say that? have i said that my swing is flawless and i do not accept insults or comments? Or have i boast about how perfect my swing is?   I just take pride in the time and effort i have put in the past year , the fact that i am able to improve so quickly without a coach makes me appalled at others who has instructors , equipments , time , finances to back them up and yet still lacking of...
Nonetheless I'm in the wrong so my bad as well.  But i would appreciate not calling me a "troll" as much i would love to fly down to US and meet up with mike/pros to discuss and debate about swings i cant. Hence i will continue to upload videos and hopefully try to make the best out of it
  You called BS who confirm? And what stakes are we looking at if i'm able to prove it?   And i'm online because it's +7 GMT here whereas ET over there hence the time difference.     You accused me of uploading a fake video. Then say i have no desire to receive anything constructive when clearly i stated that any comments/feedbacks would be good? Like i said just comment about it if not nevermind?   why the anger? did i even say anything?
Like a child? How about asking him to start acting like an adult then? If he had not given such a comment would i reply with such a inappropriate comment as well?     haha I'm sure gwlee7's actions are very commendable and appropriate yeah? So matured and responsible as an adult to make fun of a child (Me)
my gosh another one appears.   Skype? Or face time? I'll do a live one for you :D  DTL? FO?    The reason i dare to make so much noise on other people's post because i know I've been through that phase and successfully overcame it and i know why and how because i am self learned and not listening to other people's advise/teaching   So instead of trying to belittle me how about just give your honest comments? Bad or good there's always room for improvement!
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