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Thanks Parker. I've watched a lot of videos that basically explained the things you mentioned. Just haven't got out to try them yet (snow on the courses). I took some lessons last year (probably could call it a clinic) with two others, one a total beginner, and the other a low to mid 20's capper like myself. I mentioned to the instructor at the beginning, that my main goal was to try and work out my slice, but since we had the newbie there, the lessons were more tailored...
Ok so before I put a picture of these up, I need to find out how to get a picture on fromy phone camera if possible
Clearwater, I normally play the ball slightly behind my lead foot, and I have been told by some to try it out at the toes on my lead foot or even slightly out in front in order to make contact at the lowest point of the swing path. I tend to come way across and pull the ball far left when I do this.   Ray, kcarile, and clearwater, I have tried tape toward the end of the season last year, however didnt get out to practice as much as I would like to find out what makes...
Will try to get a picture on here later
Swbyps they look sort of like an incense cone. They have a point on the bottom and gradually increase in thickness towards the top. They have a concave top just like a normal tee would. Dave the tees I'm referring to are made to go in the ground.
Let me re-phrase that... so that half of the ball sits above the driver!
I've tried several different tee heights. I've been teeing so that roughly half of the driver sits above the ball.
I picked up a Nike VR 3H last year brand new for right around $50. Looks nice and more importantly feels and sounds solid on impact. It has 21º loft and the voodoo shaft.
I'm currently hitting a 10.5º Callaway Diablo Octane with the factory regular flex project x shaft. By looking at the ball mark pattern on the face, it appears that I'm hitting the ball hot. Most of the marks are on the top 1/4 of the face and the ball has a very high launch. I know that I'm loosing distance because of this and it also makes my already big slice even bigger. Any recommendations on maybe switching to and 8.5º or using a stiff shaft. Swing speed is usually...
I don't think they are wedge tees. Wedges are usually plastic and flat on the sides. These are round and conical.
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