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As a fan that likes watching crazy good golf, I agree with this:)But seriously I don't really think that anybody here should be giving arguably the greatest golfer ever any advise.I also agree with @iacas, really start living life with your kids.disclaimer: I really don't like Tiger at all. Especially his off the course stuff, but to each they're own.
I agree completely, if you are paying $45 for a round of golf then that's your own fault.I have found that I can get tee times on Golfnow (not an endorsement) for very reasonable prices. You may not always get to play the best course or the course that you wanted to but there are always deals out there.Bottom line is if you/I want to play badly enough you/I will find a way.I say this as a man, like many of you, with a 19 month old son with very little spare time so I know...
I couldn't agree more,Maybe I'm in the minority but I love watching pros pick a course apart be it with length or finesse. It makes me realize why they are there and I am not.
I think a stat was posted earlier in the thread that showed that PGA scores have not really changed all that much lately. I think the game benifit from more people simply realizing that they aren't PGA players and playing the correct tees.
Or have you,Looked like a HIO to me :) or maybe I wad drunk
Am I the only one that is turned on by these irons :)And I don't even like Callaway.
Well since you ask, yes that does make you a criminal.It does not however mean you should go to jail for that crime (depending on how much you exceeded the speed limit by) but it does mean that if you were pulled over and became combatant or in any way assaulted an officer that you should go to jail.I say this as I current non weed smoker.
Many post have also tried to make the issue about moral right and wrong rather than an issue about legally right or wrong..
Or maybe you just haven't read the thread?There have been many post eluding the idea that the OP should have minded his own business.
I've also sensed a total disregard for the fact (if indeed this incident even took place) that smoking weed is in fact illegal in whatever state this incident took place according to the OP saying that it " is legal where we're from". Whether or not the guys needed to go to jail I don't really know but they still broke a law and most definitely were idiots for lighting up in front of a stranger.
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