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A demo day? That sounds great. Do you know of any resources to find out when things like that happen and where?
Just got back from hitting a few of these clubs at a store near my house. They felt really great. I tried out some other irons in the same price range just to get a feel for some other clubs. You guys are right about the colors too. They seemed a little too distracting in person. Still look great though. I'll probably need to play around with them a little more before I pull the trigger. Thanks for the link to the review. Very helpful.
As usual I was looking around online for some golfing equipment. I always do, just to see what is out there that I don't have. I've been wanting to try out some new irons lately. I saw a picture of the Cobra AMP Cell irons and was intrigued. I had never heard of them until I stumbled across a list of clubs and irons I found here. I really like the way they look. I know that is not going to have anything to do with anything, but it helps keep the buyers remorse away when...
Very cool. I'll be getting one for myself very soon I imagine. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the heads up. I've been waiting for some information on this one. I'm usually a little behind.
Don't know why or how, but I've been really loving some electronic music lately.   Here's one artist i've been playing everyday: https://soundcloud.com/tycho   We'll see how long it last. My taste changes so quickly with the amount of music I can find online.
I usually go with a Sweetwater IPA or a Bells Two Hearted Ale when asked what my favorite beer is. Make it Hoppy please!
Most of my golfing buddies do a little adjusting for the most part. But if we are every playing seriously or really trying to measure our skills, we try to be as honest as we can. Meaning we hope we are calculating our scores correctly.
Hello everyone. My name is Jason. I'm really happy I found this site. I was just looking around at some golf gear and found a great thread on the forum. I realized I needed to be a member so I could regularly read some great conversations. Hope to learns lots from everybody here. 
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