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I do have a 3w 5w and currently use a 24degree driving iron. But thought about the 23degree hybrid be a better fit to fil the gap.
I'm looking to fill a gap between a 19degree 5 wood and 27 degree 5 iron. Thought about just going 4 iron or a 23 degree hybrid. Thoughts?
Razer fit has the pro launch red x stiff.
I have the 14.5 with the aldila tour green in stiff but need x stiff. My 5wood is the radar fit.
I have the pro launch red shaft in my 5 wood and was thinking of putting the pro launch blue in my xhot 3 deep 3 wood since I have a very low ball flight. Is it better to go with the blue for higher launch or stick with the red?
What is the best way to take a push cart on a plane? Are there travel cases for push carts?
I was wondering if it would be better if getting two pairs of shoes to get one spike and one spikeless or two of the same kind? Thanks.
Would a 2 hybrid be more beneficial then a 5 wood I do have a 3 hybrid?
Should your 3 and 5 wood be the same or is it just preference with each club?
I have 4 wedges, 46, 50, 54, 58. My set PW is the 46, with a CFS shaft and my 54, 58 have Dynamic Gold shafts. My 50 is a Ping with the RBZ shaft. I was wondering if the RBZ shaft is ok or is it work getting a DG or CFS?
New Posts  All Forums: