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I was wondering if it would be better if getting two pairs of shoes to get one spike and one spikeless or two of the same kind? Thanks.
Would a 2 hybrid be more beneficial then a 5 wood I do have a 3 hybrid?
Should your 3 and 5 wood be the same or is it just preference with each club?
I have 4 wedges, 46, 50, 54, 58. My set PW is the 46, with a CFS shaft and my 54, 58 have Dynamic Gold shafts. My 50 is a Ping with the RBZ shaft. I was wondering if the RBZ shaft is ok or is it work getting a DG or CFS?
How do the ultra slim SuperStroke or winn midsize grips work with the odyssey versa 90 #7? Does it take away any feel because they are bigger then the normal odyssey grip?
I currently have the Scotty Cameron California Fastback but am really liking the SeeMore Si3. I am a righty and keep missing left with my Scotty, I do really like the feel but the center shafted SeeMore feels straighter. I really like the SeeMore because of the center shaft and the RST technology. Is it worth the switch?
What type of shaft is in the rbz wedge?
Does that mean the 12* would still be ok in firm conditions?
I'm looking to get a new fairway wood. I have 3 options right now the G25 4 wood, the titleist 910 or 913 17* or the 3-4 cobra? Which is best?
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