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 I traced the club head
Hi everyone   I filmed my swing today from a down the line perspective. I uploaded it into Kinovea and traced the path of my backswing. The down swing follows the exact same path.   On the face of it I would have thought this would be a good thing but I've seen instructional videos that say that the downswing should trace inside the path of the backswing.   Is there a generally accepted preference regarding this ?
Thanks for your reply DrvFrShow but it's not a review of the actual devices I'm after as such. More an understanding whether any of them help you to interpret the data they give you and suggest drills to fix any issues.   For example if the data told you that you have a 5% out to in swing, do this drill to fix it and try to get your numbers to 0% ( I just made those numbers up ).
 I'm thinking of things like Swingsmart, Skypro, 3 bays, Swingbyte etc
Hi guys   I'm looking at the various analysers on the market and they seem broadly to produce similar feedback. I'm wondering if any of them help in actually interpreting the data and then offering drills or tips to improve the stats ?   I really like the idea of them but am not sure the information that they would give me would be very meaningful to me.    I've read some of the threads on here reviewing them but haven't seen anything that talks about how to use the...
 I'm not sure I can understand this. I'd be interested to know exactly what you mean - is it more of a swing thought ie think of your left arm throughout the swing ? I just tried with a few practise swings (without a club) and I'm struggling to understand the concept. Always interested in ways to help to hit the ball better :)
If only you could get fitted in the UK :-(
 There's your problem....
 Thanks Erik, I'll try to work on that I'll give this a try tomorrow, thanks for your input
I do have a swing in the 'my swing' section if you wouldn't mind taking a look, although it's only a side on view so may not be very revealing, and is also with my driver off a tee.
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