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 I'm not sure I can understand this. I'd be interested to know exactly what you mean - is it more of a swing thought ie think of your left arm throughout the swing ? I just tried with a few practise swings (without a club) and I'm struggling to understand the concept. Always interested in ways to help to hit the ball better :)
If only you could get fitted in the UK :-(
 There's your problem....
 Thanks Erik, I'll try to work on that I'll give this a try tomorrow, thanks for your input
I do have a swing in the 'my swing' section if you wouldn't mind taking a look, although it's only a side on view so may not be very revealing, and is also with my driver off a tee.
Well I'm not as young as I was.......... Thanks for your response Erik...simple is good. I'm sure you're right. Since the finish is my swing thought then I'm probably anxious to make sure I do it. Can you suggest a drill to help, apart from just try not to do it ?
Hi   I'm always looking at ways to tweak my swing. I went to the range and concentrated on making a full follow through with pose for the cameras at the finish - a little Rory-ish.   I played on Saturday and found that generally I was striking the ball very nicely. I shot an 81 which is pretty good for me, but I topped several shots. When I practise the swing with a full follow through I can actually feel how that might happen, kind of lifting my body early to get into...
Great, thank you Ernest, Ernie or EJ
 Can someone point me in the direction of how to do this online ? I can only find the DVD's ?
Mainly my driving. I hit it long but maybe 25% of the time I hit a push out to the right. Had a lesson a couple of weeks ago where the instructor made a change (in the 'my swing' section if you're interested). Still pushing it though. @cubdog I think you're right. I'm sure I can do it pretty consistently, if I could only do it once !! Will take inspiration from Roger Bannister.
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