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You're my favourite writer ! Gimme some more please
  I refuse to take advice from someone who's only ranked 2nd on tour for scrambling.......
Judging by the tag line below your name I'm guessing your putter ?
I agree with you and I've started to do this. I was just trying to test my new set up when I did this
  Damn you. I acted on this before I read the end part. Kindly send me $400.
OK not literally, but it is making me crazy. I hit my 3 wood pretty well 75% of the time. The other 25% I tend to block it - not wildly, but out to the right at an angle of about 30 degrees with no shape at all, dead straight.   I recently bought the Taylormade R1 driver. I'm blocking this maybe 60% of the time. I've youtubed driving tips and now have my head full of crap. I'm setting up with the ball opposite my left heel, putting a lot of weight on my back foot,...
Thanks for your responses. It's a shame there's no comparative because I use Golf Logix to record my scores but just put in a randon slope and rating number so the handicap it gives me is meaningless.
I see you guys talk about this and I understand that it's to do with the difficulty of the course. I'm pretty sure we don't have those measurements in the UK, unless anyone knows differently ?   I'd love to know the relative difficulty of my golf club.
  Some good advice from all of you and thanks for responding. I think for now Harmonious has pointed me in the right direction (although ideally I want to increase my GIR !). His analysis of my short game makes perfect sense to me. I'll work mostly on getting up and down and putting.
Hi everyone   New member from England here. These are the stats from my last 25 rounds which are pretty typical of my overall game :   Fairways hit    54% GIR   35% Putts per round   35   My handicap is 16 which I pretty much play to within a couple of shots either way. Like most people I have limited practise time so would like to get the most bang for my practise buck.   I don't know if those stats give you enough information to form an opinion but...
New Posts  All Forums: