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Nah I'm only throwing around a bit of banter but seriously, us Welsh don't take jibes at our rugby team lightly..And if you're English yes you did beat us this year, but.. 30 points to 3 will always live long in your hearts.
If I was off 8 I'd probably cry at the state of my golf
The title of this made me chuckle so much.. Where I come from, if you cry, ya better expect some stick off your mates! Personally I dislike bubba a lot, and despite him deservedly winning yesterday, he still comes across like a big girl when he cries.. Man up Bubba.
Round of Even par.. Started dodgy (+3 thru 5) and managed to finish level, first round this year so far as the weather has been breathtakingly bad (Record breaking). Swing felt totally rusty but was 100% expecting that: All in all a decent start back.
I'm probably not in the position to comment on US HCapping from over this end of the pond, but a solid +1 handicapper (consistently shoots -1 obviously) would qualify for the cut week in/week out on the lower tours regardless of event or course..My best mate turned pro off +2 (was a shaky plus two at that! I've seen him shoot high 80s) and routinely makes cuts week after week..The top 100 in the world really are a different breed.. But from what ive encountered over my few...
Gotta disagree man, +5 players would easily qualify for nationwide tour, thats 1 in 100million sort of stuff.. Most of the current tour players turned pro off around +2/+3 You'd be hard pressed to find MANY who turned pro off +5 or lower, also its worth noting that here in the UK (handicapping system) +5 is a virtual impossibility.. +3 is usually as low as anyone can get without being a superstar.
Bubba watson comes across as a total moaning BIATCH after he hits a bad shot.. Takes it out on other people too, total dic*.. Oh and he is religious and thinks god helps him win golf tournaments, god be like: "Shall I help the starving kids in Africa.. Nah screw it.. Masters is on..GO BUBBA"   Hilarious really.
One thing that is really grinding my gears at the moment is Pro's launching their putters into the air after missing a putt.. It seems to be happening more these days.. Often they end up dropping it and damaging the green, I watched Jordan Speith do it last week and he hardly repaired the damage, this may sound petty but if someone did that on my HOME course and damaged the green I would tell them to show some bloody respect. I wince every time they do it.. Anyone else...
Its all to do with cultures ect, where I come from wearing your hat in a bar/pub (clubhouse) or even someones house is seen as incredibly rude..Its not trivial in this part of the world, just as im sure some things you guys do would seem trivial to me and the folk around here. 
One of the first things you learn as a young golfer is to remove your hat when shaking hands and when entering the clubhouse.. Its seen as a big no no where I come from to leave your hat on when shaking someones hand (golf or not), passed down through many generations of coal miners that always wore hats. Maybe it isn't seen as such a big thing in the states.
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