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Hey, Cheers for the response..By ROM do you mean range of movement? For some reason I too feel heavy lifting kills flexibility, I could be way off, but it just seems to make sense.Flexibility is obviously also massively important to a golfer trying to make some money out of the game
I've been training for 4 - 5 months now, fairly intense stuff, I naturally find it easy to put on both fat an muscle.. Do you think there is a point when you simply become too bulky or does weight lifting kill flexibility for golf ?? I dont take steroids and never would, I take natural supplements. I'm looking to turn professional and go on some mini tours around the country in April, but exercise in the form of heavy weight lifting and cardio has become part of my daily...
Donaldson was the standout rookie on the European team and hit the winning shot that will go down in history, he consistently comes in the top 10 on the ET and was leading the Race to dubai up until Rory won the open..He will be in the next Ryder Cup team.
Interesting if Azinger gets picked and the US still lose?Who will those poor players have to blame then haha? :(Players need to man up and take responsibility, the Ryder cup was lost because the US simply didn't hit as many good shots as We(the europeans) did..Winning gets done by nothing less than good shots, pairings don't matter.. I used to play regional level with a guy who I did not like very much, but guess what, he hit the ball to 10 feet all the time.Boils down to...
Yes it makes perfect sense, I think it must be one of those "American-English" sort of things.. Ya know.. 
It's a totally trivial thing to debate about anyway, the only thing that matters is we (Europeans) hold the cup for another 2 years, and the way things are going, you (Americans) won't be getting your hands on it for a while longer than that..Enjoy those sour grapes boys. 
Okay, Jonny Miller & Jack Nicklaus were on SkySports (The channel they broadcast Golf here in the UK) they both spoke and both said "We" as in "We (the states) need to start making more putts"As far as I'm AWARE*** (may need correcting on this) they were nothing to do with the US team this year and were simply bystanders..Stupid off topic argument anyway, just trying to show my point.
"We" as in "us" as in "Europeans"What a strange thing to say? If I mention my favorite football team (soccer team to you lot) in conversation I would say "we played well today".. Its perfectly good English and I can't quite see how you would see otherwise? 
So we've done you at your own game then? American style golf? You should be beating us at that surely?Around a hardpan links course, steady 30mph wind with a light misty drizzle(standard british weather golf wise) we could have beaten you by another 8 points
Golf is easier in the states, sorry to throw such a curve-ball about.. but its true.. :Golf is 1 dimensional in the states, here in Europe we learn to play every type of golf imaginable be it links golf or parkland golf, firm fairways firm greens to soft greens soft fairways.. Having played quite a few times in the states (+50 times), I can confirm that every single time I have played the course has been set up in the same way: Firm fairways- Soft greens..  Its so much...
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